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Bootice is a tiny but powerful utility you can use to install, back up and restore the Master Boot Record and Partition Boot Record of your disk. You can also use it to format and partition flash drives and even work on disk images from Windows. It supports partition management, disk filling with random data, command line options and editing of Boot Configuration Data (BCD) among others.

Using Bootice

Although Bootice is geared towards professional users, it features a tab-based interface that even users with relatively little experience can handle easily. All we had to do to use it was download and extract it to a desired location from where we launched it without the need for any installation.

The Physical Disk tab alone gave us several options. We could process either MBR or PBR, manage partitions and edit sectors, which requires a high level of computer knowledge. The program showed us our current types of MBR and PBR, and it gave us the option to install or configure, back up or restore the records. It also displayed available types of records and the seconds they required to boot. Depending on your current file system, some options may not be available to you.

The Partition management option gave us details of our current partitioning scheme and displayed details of the partitions on our hard drive, including their respective numbers, volume labels, drive letters, IDs, file systems, Start LBA, total sectors and capacity.

The utility supports different disk image file formats, including IMA, IMG, VMDK, VHD and VHDX. The BCD Edit function is compatible with Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and PE besides Windows NT 6.x because it does not depend on BCDEDIT.EXE.

We tried different functions of Bootice except for one: Disk Sectors Filling. This option lets you erase all the data on your hard disk by filling sectors with customizable characters. The function is especially ideal for security purposes, but we did not try it because its results are irreversible. Please exercise caution before you use this function. Make sure you won't really need the files on the hard drive you want to erase.


For a utility that is only 405KB when unpacked, Bootice packs a lot of functions in a small space. However, do not adjust what you are not sure of lest you damage your system.

Software Product Description

BOOTICE is a powerful boot-related utility.


"Good Job"

Reviewer: -Deeds

Review Date: 2018-11-21

Pros: I could recreate mbr and partitions on a 'lost' disk after a crash of the external USB box. Non installation needed and powerful.

Cons: geared towards pros, as it is said, But I managed my way to get what I needed, and left alone the uilities I could not understantd

Other Thoughts: None


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