Bootleg 5.3      

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Release Date:   2006-08-07

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OS:  Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3

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Software Product Description

Bootleg 5 is an application for keeping track of a collection of bootleg LP's, singles, CD's etc. and all recordings on those discs (or tapes).

With Bootleg 5 you can:

  • store data in a Microsoft Jet (MS Access) or MySQL database
  • store detailed information on songs and recordings
  • store detailed information on discs
  • display all recordings of a specific song
  • display all recordings on a disc
  • print song and disc data
  • write data (both individual songs or discs or all songs or discs in the collection) in HTML, ASCII, RTF and XML formats
  • export data to and importing data from an SQL commands file
  • create custom plug-ins for writing, exporting and importing data in other formats