Brotpfli 1.2      

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Release Date:   2018-05-31

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OS:  Windows 7/8/10

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Reviewed on May 30, 2018

Manually compressing files can get frustrating, especially when you're about to upload them to the web, and you get that common error message. Thanks to programs like Brotpfli, it can now be automated, and you can focus on doing the more important things for your web projects.

Brotpfli is a software that automatically compresses your files so that they are optimized for the web. This has proved quite useful for various applications. The program combines Brotli and Zopfli by Google to convert your files into .gz and .br.

Generating the .gz and .br Files

When Brotpfli generates the .gz and .br archives for your files, you can then conveniently use them for web servers to optimize the site. This will significantly reduce lag time in loading pages, making your site load faster. It will also improve the indexation of the pages.

Creates Files That Are Smaller Than the Original

The .gz files that Brotpfli creates are only produced by the program if they are smaller than the original files. That means you don't have to deal with computer errors, converting files that will end up larger than what you want. If the original file will be smaller, Brotpfli will not convert it to .gz.

In the same way, it will only convert a .gz file to .br if the .br will be smaller than the .gz file. What this simply means is that Brotpfli will always prioritize creating whatever size is the smallest for you and it's all automatic.


Brotpfli is a really useful program that will save you tons of time and effort when dealing with uploading files in the world wide web.

Software Product Description

Compress static files to increase website loading speeds.