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Release Date:   2007-11-20

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OS:  Windows Mobile 5.0

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Software Product Description

The BuZZone application offers users the convenience of using Bluetooth-enabled laptops and PDAs to find new contacts, communicate over small distances, and share information related to their business.

BuZZone works as follows: your personal profile will tell other people about your interests, either personal or business, including photo and voice messages. In turn, define your search criteria for people you want to make contact with.

Wherever you are, at a trade show, in a subway or a coffee house, your BuZZone will be in continuous search for other BuZZone users located nearby. If it finds another user with a profile matching your search criteria, the program will invite both users to get acquainted and start talking. You can also join BuZZone-based wireless forums to discuss various topics with your virtual contacts.

Free BuZZone version can:

  • Periodically search for new contacts based on profiles that may contain personal and business information, a photo, and a voice greeting.
  • Exchange instant text and voice messages.
  • Use smileys and text templates for frequently used phrases to facilitate typing.
  • Support an unlimited number of simultaneous communication sessions.

System Requirements:

  • Hardware:Desktop PC / Laptop / PDAp;
  • Bluetooth Module: Embedded,USB-compatible, Compact Flash Type II Card, PC Card PCMCIA);
  • WIDCOMM Bluetooth communication software



Reviewer: -Dennis

Review Date: 2008-03-10

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: Download via Bluetooth to cell but once there could not get it to run. Not sure if I have misunderstood how this works but if so someone please let me know. It showed up but just wouldn't work. I use it on a Nokia6620


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