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Business Functions is a free function library (500+ functions) for Microsoft Excel designed to make business plans, budgets, structured financings and cashflows:
  • more flexible ...
  • more accurate ...
  • faster to build ...
  • quicker to run ...
  • less error prone ...
  • easier to understand ...
  • more robust ...
  • easier to maintain ..

It's based on the principle that using a purpose-built function in a cell is more transparent, reliable, flexible and accurate than an overly long Excel formula.

This principle has been extended to a comprehensive projections functions that project cashflows and accruals with a high degree of daycount accuracy.

Up to 500 or so functions in C++ do the dirty work of projecting costs and revenues, coping with time periods, growth etc.

As a Business Functions user you also have access to the templates, all built with Business Functions.

Version 1.41 and above merges all the editions of BF into a single package, which means that for the first time the Real Estate, Banking and Petroleum functions are free. It also allows partial view of C++ code via the Function Finder, and includes our consolidation tool Cashflow Administrator. This is a toolkit for industry-strength modeling, and is completely free.


"Life was harder before"

Reviewer: -DRDj

Review Date: 2008-12-08

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Other Thoughts: I'm learning Excel and these functions are exactly what I need. Now I can concentrate in the problem and not in the tool!


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