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Release Date:   2020-02-10

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Reviewed on January 31, 2018

CAM monitoring software is exactly what you need to keep tabs on CPU and GPU use, especially if you're a gamer and need to fine tune your PC. It's a highly advanced application with an ultra clean user interface that provides you with a command center experience in tuning your PC.

NZXT's free CAM download puts you entirely in control when you need to tweak your computer to run resource-heavy components and/or software. While CAM's primary purpose is monitoring, having the average Idle and Load temperature data at your fingertips, gives you the confidence you need to safely overclock to the level you require to run gaming software.

Simple to use, even for beginners

Downloaded and installed, CAM presents a user interface that puts all your system's stats, and those of any NZXT hardware you have on the system, on a comprehensive dashboard. Top right of the Dashboard you'll find access to Advanced and Extended modes.

Advanced mode gives you your CPU, GPU temperatures and loads in graph form, as well as drive stats, memory loads, and network usage. Select and change the components you want to monitor. The Extended window will show you stats on your various peripherals. You can view minimums and maximums and use the reset button to clear for new benchmarking or go full screen and put all your stats on the screen simultaneously.

Next to the Dashboard tab, you'll find the Build tab. This gives you the real-time frequencies of all your system's components and access to a Notification Settings screen where you can also set the application to give you pop-up alerts on the state of your components while running gaming or other resource-heavy software.

Monitoring game performance

The Games tab provides you with the frame rate performance of your game and retains records of your recent games. You can set up a system information overlay, which can be toggled on and off (Alt+O default), for when you are playing. The Tuning tab gives you GPU tuning capability. You can increase voltage, set fan curves and alter clocks, etc. The remaining tabs are for monitoring NZXT products, information for which, of course, only shows if you have them on your system.

CAM PC monitoring software provides:

  • A clean, easy-to-read interface
  • Game overlays to keep you informed on your CPU or GPU use
  • Tuning for GPU overclock and fan curve adjustments
  • NZXT's peripheral product monitoring
  • Popups to alert you on the state of your components

Free CAM provides a high level of system monitoring, diagnosis, and fine-tuning capability. Download and install to get easy to read and understand monitoring and, if you're a gamer, access to controls to tweak your computer to bring you up to par with the resource requirements your software requires to function satisfactorily.

Software Product Description

Essential system monitoring and tweaking software for your computer.