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Software Product Description

CBZ and CBR file formats are popularly used in comic books. They are archives that are closely related to ZIP and RAR archives respectively. In order to read the books, someone needs special software installed on a computer. Unfortunately, these programs are not compatible with all platforms. In addition, the books are effectively out of bounds for consumers who mostly rely on mobile devices. Perhaps you have wished you could convert them to PDF format.

CBR and CBZ to PDF will help you do exactly that. The small application quickly converts all the four related archive formats (CBR, CBZ, ZIP, RAR) into PDF, which is compatible with different devices, including smartphones and e-book readers.

You only need to browse and select the file you want and then press "Convert". You will be able to see the status of your conversion on the lower part of the application window. The application allows you to open the PDF location to access your converted file immediately.

The advanced interface gives you the option to add either an item or folder for batch conversion. You can also customize the desired page and margin sizes, and select how you want the application to perform tasks.

CBR and CBZ to PDF is free.