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Release Date:   2007-06-12

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Software Product Description

A new video player in C# for viewing DVDs and recorded TV. The current user interface is designed for use with a remote control or keyboard rather than a mouse.


  • Play DVDs and recorded (non-DRM'd) television shows on a Windows PC without resorting to DirectShow
  • Good quality video and audio output. This includes accurate color, few or no dropped frames, accurate frame-rates, excellent audio/video synching, etc.
  • Good usability with a remote control.
  • CMPlayer lets you crop videos, or pad the borders of it's window, to take into account the various weirdnesses of TV-Outs and letterbox TV shows with the black borders actually encoded in the video.
  • You can add chapters (bookmarks) at any time on any video. CMPlayer will initialize its chapter marks as well as it can from DVD information files and BeyondTv chapter xml files, but after the track begins playing the bookmarks can be added and removed at will.
  • A lot of time was spent on making the skip keys, big and small jumps backwards and forwards in time, work quickly and accurately. There is a slight delay at the start of play as CMPlayer builds an index of time and positions within the file which is continuously added to as the track plays to allow this.
  • Good subtitle support.
  • De-interlacing. CMPlayer supports Blend de-interlacing when required, but can also do Inverse Telecining of interlaced 30 fps video to produce the original 24 fps progressive film for sources that have been Telecined.

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0.



Reviewer: -laptop owner

Review Date: 2007-08-12

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Other Thoughts: it doesn't skip!


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