Cascade Encryptor 2009 1.000      

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Release Date:   2009-08-02

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Software Product Description

Cascade Encryptor is multiple cascade encryption program for file by random selected algorithms.

Purpose: Safekeeping for backup data.


  • Output "cipher file" and "key file".
  • Minimize encryption information in "cipher file".
  • Not use password.


  • aes-256-ctr
  • blowfish-448-ctr
  • camellia-256-ctr
  • cast256-256-ctr
  • serpent-256-ctr
  • shacal2-512-ctr
  • sosemanuk-256
  • twofish-256-ctr
  • xsalsa20-256

To secure backup files for a long time ...

  1. "Cascade Encryptor" does cascade encryption with multiple different algorithms.
    • Three encryption algorithms are selected at random.
    • All Encryption key is different.
    • Even if some of the encryption algorithms would be broken, cipher files are still secure.
  2. "Cascade Encryptor" minimize information in cipher files.
    • From cipher file, anyone cannot find which encryption algorithms were used.
    • Encryption keys are not contained in encryption file.
    • IV(Initialization vector) are not contained in encryption file.
  3. "Cascade Encryptor" maximize effective bit length of encryption keys.
    • "Password-Based Key Derivation" does not be used.
    • Maximum encryption key length is used.
  4. "Cascade Encryptor" does several things.
    • By using "second_key.txt", decryptable person is limited.
    • Encryption keys are not reused.



Reviewer: -Leftover

Review Date: 2010-01-19

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Other Thoughts: Couldn't the Japanese author code this piece of software into something better than this mishmash of C++? The method of encrypting and decrypting is far too complex! BTW, the Rating is 1 TOO HIGH!


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