CatchChar 1.6.6      

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Release Date:   2017-02-13

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Whether you type a lot for work, love to chat online, or are a professional who relies on your keyboarding skills, one thing is certain: typing special characters into documents can be a real pain. We're talking about things such as foreign currency signs, fraction measurements, and copyright symbols. Adding such characters into documents too often necessitates looking up the right keys to press online or going through a bunch of menus in a word processor to find the right one. Those looking to eliminate this hassle have an option: CatchChar.

Using CatchChar

Downloading and installing CatchChar takes just seconds, and it's very straightforward to use. After you run it, the program will sit in your icon tray and pressing Alt+Shift+C will bring it up. After it's character menu is displayed, you simply click on the symbol you need and it will be inserted into the document you're working on.CatchChar comes loaded with a few oft-used special characters, but you can easily customize the menu and add the ones you prefer. Click "Edit Menu" to change the characters displayed and personalize the menu options. CatchChar even allows you to set up the menu so that words can be inserted instead characters. The ability to insert separators and create multiple columns to organize your custom characters by groups are additional handy features.


CatchChar is one of those gems that you don't expect to deliver much, but it does. For such as simple, free piece of software it works well and is quite versatile. This program aims to make using custom characters easier and it definitely succeeds. CatchChar is so useful that it's smart to have whether you use your PC for work or not -- the next time you suddenly need a hard to type symbol, you'll thank yourself for installing it. Anyone who uses custom characters will find CatchChar invaluable and well worth downloading.

Software Product Description

Custom menu of character you use most often.