What's New in version 1.18:

  • Fixed a bug in the file transfer when it wouldn't transfer files correctly sometimes depending on how bad the connection was and fixed some other important problems
  • ChateX attempts to retry now as well when it cannot connect to a chat server and can be disabled from Options
  • Improved private chat and private chat logging when users join and leave the chat server
  • Last used chat servers are now shown at the top of the recently used servers list
  • Added user registration to the server, this can be used by setting the client password from ChateX - Edit profile menu or using the /cpw command on the main chat window and it will save your name and password on the server. To remove your account from the server simply set the client password to nothing

What's New in version 1.17:

  • Many important bug fixes
  • Added messages count to the system tray icon's tooltip and to the private chat window titlebar when it is out of focus
  • Added percentage to the file transfer window titlebar
  • Added the file name to the Open file and Save file windows
  • Added notification messages to the main chat window whenever a file is received or sent successfully
  • Added URL detection. Chat links can be enabled from Options to be automatically opened in browser when clicked
  • Private chat works by user name now instead of user ID
  • Added notification on main chat when somebody changes name
  • ChateX attempts to reconnect now to the chat server when losing connection. This can be disabled in Options
  • Added a list of recently used servers on the main window
  • Added chat logging. This can be disabled in Options

What's New in version 1.16:

  • More bug fixes
  • Added port range to the file transfer server mode
  • Added a notification on the private chat window whenever a user changes name or status
  • New design
  • New message sound