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Release Date:   2017-01-10

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Reviewed on January 10, 2017

As you play your favorite games, you may at times encounter some particularly challenging sections. Getting hints at such times is not a crime, and this is what CheatBook DataBase 2017 is designed to do. The versatile cheat codes tracker creates hints, cheats, tips and tricks for all types of popular games irrespective of their genres and platforms. It is an encyclopedia of game cheats that provides all necessary assistance in a centralized location.

New Features in 2017 version:

  • comfortable adding of individual cheats
  • separate section with solutions
  • files and images can be stored
  • simple survey of informations about the cheat statistics
  • comfortable filter conditions
  • search machine was revised
  • link manager
  • News and Updates
  • private user data base
  • Import old Own Bases

Using CheatBook DataBase 2017

The user interface was divided into various sections, with a menu bar and tabs for accessing different program features without opening multiple windows. We could access PC Cheats, PC Walkthroughs, Console Games, Search Engine, Own Base or Links via separate tabs. On the upper part of the Tabs were buttons for performing different actions, including adding a new cheat, editing an existing cheat, deleting cheats, using filters, accessing our favorite titles and getting relevant news. A search bar also allowed us to use keywords to quickly locate the titles that we wanted.

When we selected a title, the lower part of the program window displayed its name, position in the list of titles and platform. The cheats, hints, tips, tricks and other details pertaining to the selected title appeared on the right side of the user interface. We could display the selected title alone instead of an entire list, in which case we got other details like cheat date, last update, last edit, note, file and picture. This latest release allowed us to store files and pictures.


CheatBook DataBase 2017 is a handy program that provides extra weapons and other tools for overcoming even the most difficult parts of games. The cheat codes tracker is compatible with PC, Playstations, Nintendos, Sega, Xbox, Gameboys, Dreamcast and iPhones among others. You will get all games in all popular genres, with a special focus on the most recent releases. It features over 23,600 game cheats, and you can add cheats to the database. It is also easy to import old personal databases.

Software Product Description

CheatBook-DataBase 2017 is a freeware cheat-code tracker that makes hints and cheats for PC and consoloe games easily accessible from one central location.

All Cheats inside from first CHEATBOOK January 1998 until today.


"Best cheat book ever"

Reviewer: -Sachin terminator

Review Date: 2017-12-06

Pros: Chetbook have any games cheat and hints like pop,gta and how to complete missions that's best cheat book ever.

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: None


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