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Reviewed on January 15, 2019

Excellent Compilation of Game Cheats for 2018

It's getting harder and harder to find cheats for games. Many games have stopped adding cheat codes altogether, while some online platforms will punish players for taking advantage of bugs. If you're looking for ways to enhance your own gameplay experience, you've got to be crafty and you have to look in the right places. CheatBook is one of the last great online cheating resources standing, giving players access not only to thousands of cheats for their games but helping players to adapt to the changing nature of online games. If you're looking for cheats, this is the software to which you have to go.

CheatBook Database 2019 is one of the most comprehensive on the internet. Generally released on a monthly basis, the annual edition compiles all of the cheats, walkthroughs, hints, and trainers that the software has put together over the course of 2018. Though not necessarily perfect, CheatBook Database 2019 remains a gold standard in gaming cheat codes. It's absolutely amazing to see how much the software has managed to fit into this database, while still acknowledging that the database isn't quite as complete as some might like. On the balance, though, there is far more good than bad here.

Loads of New Games, Old Games, Walkthroughs, and Hints

The most impressive thing about this year's annual edition of CheatBook Database has to be the number of new games that have managed to make it onto the database. While it's fairly impossible for any list to manage to get every game, CheatBook managed to get all of this year's major releases and a good number of the independent releases onto the list before the database was published. While some games only have a handful of cheats or might only have a walkthrough, it's still very nice to see so many games make the database this year.

A good deal of praise also needs to go to the issue's focus on walkthroughs and hints. Since so many games are going cheat-free these days, players have been hard-pressed to find a way to get better at their favorite games without hours of practice. Walkthroughs and hints may not be pure cheats, but they do give players the information that they need to get better. CheatBook is very clearly looking at the marketplace and making moves to ensure that they stay relevant in the years to come. Walkthroughs and hints may not be the main selling point for the issue, but they are great additions.

The final great point of this year's edition is that it has a truly mind-boggling number of older games in its library. CheatBook is doing a fine job of scraping the darkest corners of the internet for cheats, trainers, and walkthroughs, so you'll actually see cheats that didn't make last year's database for the same games that were on that list. This is truly a treasure-trove for patient gamers, especially those who are looking to get a little extra life out of the games that are in their Steam backlog.

If you're going to look for problems with the annual edition, you have to look at the continuing move towards online-only, multiplayer games. Simply put, you're not going to find cheats for these games because they would ruin the competitive balance of the games to a point where they would be unplayable. The people who cheat in these games aren't using things within the system, they're using hacks - and those place players in danger of getting their accounts bands. Unfortunately, this means that Cheatbook doesn't really give the players who absolutely must cheat at games everything they need to get their way.

There's also the fact that this year didn't feel quite as good for single-player PC games as the last few years have felt. This doesn't mean that you're only going to see old cheats in this issue, but rather that there's just a smaller number of cheats available for newer games. The good news is that the issue does a great job of listing those cheats when they are available, but the truth is that there's just less than what you'd hope to see overall. In short, the problems with CheatBook's annual edition seem to be problems that any database of recent cheats would have.


In the end, the annual edition of CheatBook is a lot like what you'll get from the monthly edition. Most of what you're going to find will be for older games, with more and more of this year's releases getting attention as time goes on. The database is particularly useful because of the walkthroughs and strategy guides, though, with actual cheats getting short shrift simply because so many of today's biggest games are played online against other players. CheatBook's annual edition is a must-download for anyone who plays older games or who wants hints that will help them to become more competitive in newer games.

Software Product Description

The yearly edition of CheatBook Database which includes all cheats from the first CheatBook (January 1998) until today. All console games are supported as well as PC games. In total, there are more than 24,800 games covering all genres and includes the latest game releases.

This edition includes several improvements and fixes based on user feedback.

Some of the new features include:

  • easily edit cheats
  • separate section for solutions
  • store images as well as other files
  • survey of info about specific cheats
  • statistics and filter conditions
  • 21 different game consoles
  • updated search engine
  • easily manage links
  • news and updates
  • personal and private user database
  • import function for your own databases
  • skin support