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Reviewed on February 09, 2021

Game cheats, walkthroughs, and handy tips for over 25,700 PC and console games.

CheatBook is back with the 2021 edition of its database, making necessary another look at how the software has managed to keep pace with the huge number of games that are released every year as well as the changing landscape of video game cheats. Though CheatBook is definitely still one of the leading products for those who want cheats for their favorite games, the last year really has seen it become so much more. Though the Database may sometimes feel like just another update to a long-running process, the truth is that its growth really does mirror how games change every year.

Over 20 years of Game Cheats from 1998 until the present

Before discussing the pros and cons of the CheatBook Database, a special bit of acknowledgment needs to be given. This database has been running smoothly for over twenty years now, and the ability to access everything from the first edition of CheatBook way back in 1998 to the new content today all through the interface is definitely something special. The world of gaming hasn't always been that great about preserving older content, so it is very nice to note that you can go back to some practically ancient games by using the same program you use to find cheats for newer titles.

Praise for the continuity of the Database aside, this is still an incredibly impressive program. A quick download is going to get you access to virtually every game you can think of, with each page containing not only the cheats and walkthroughs that you're looking for but also some basic information on the game itself. This is actually a fantastic program even for those who don't want to cheat, as the sheer scope of the catalog and its links to developer websites makes it a great tool for looking up games and getting legitimate information quickly.

The only downside is the downside that will continue to plague any cheat database - all of the information gets outdated faster than anyone can keep up with it. Whether it's through new editions of the games not including older cheats or patches getting rid of some beloved bugs, there is definitely information in this Database that doesn't hold up. The good news, though, is that this information does eventually get updated and you'll almost always see new information replacing anything that gets outdated. It's a little annoying to run into such problems, though, even though the lag between updates is fairly minimal.

More Walkthroughs and all the Tips you need in one place

On a more positive note, the number of walkthroughs included in this year's update does seem to be climbing, a necessary step for a world where more and more games are always-online and traditional cheats are starting to go away. With that said, there are still an amazing number of traditional cheats here, many of which are designed for games that you might not expect. This is absolutely one of the most robust collections of ways to get ahead in video games that you are ever going to find in one place, so make sure to dive deep into the content when you can.

In short, the 2021 update of CheatBook is more the same. It has a lot of great new content, but what's important is that it keeps all of the features that have made it work so well over the past several years. If you're in the market for a good collection of cheats and walkthroughs that are going to help you to have fun with your favorite video games, this is almost certainly the right tool for you. Make sure to keep looking at the monthly updates as well, as this is one program that keeps growing.

Software Product Description

CheatBook-DataBase 2021 includes all game cheats from the first CHEATBOOK January 1998 until today.