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Reviewed on January 07, 2019

Cheating has some fairly negative connotations in most situations. When you cheat in a video game, though, you're usually doing something positive. You're taking a look at the parameters of the game and deciding that you want to change things up - usually through tools that have been provided for you by the people who played the game. Cheating, then, is just a new way of playing, one that rewards those who are willing to look up a little bit of extra information. If you want to cheat at your favorite games, the best place to start is with CheatBook's new issue.

Excellent Collection of Cheats and Walkthroughs in this Issue

Cheatbook's January issue is another monthly update of the site's treasure trove of codes, trainers, and walkthroughs. There's always a few new games added each month, as well as a growing library of newly-found cheats and walkthroughs for older games. As you might imagine, it's the older games that tend to get the most love during this time of the year, especially with software that puts its focus on PC gaming. That's not to say that there's nothing new, but Cheatbook really shines when you look at the back catalog of games that are covered by this month's issue.

Given the current state of PC releases, it should come as no surprise that Cheatbook's best cheats and trainers are dedicated to older games this month. The great news is that there are a wealth of options for those who have been patiently waiting to see new cheats for games that were released in the last year, especially for those who love indie games. There are also a fair number of really solid walkthroughs that will help you to improve in some of the hottest multiplayer games out there today, which is a great way to get a leg up on the competition without breaking any real rules.

Great Material Despite Lack of New Game Releases

The bad news is that this month's issue is really light on content for newer games. As seems to be the case for most recent issues, this is really due to the lack of big games dropping for the PC. While there are certainly some good updated guides for the many free multiplayer games and for those add-ons to games like Destiny, the truth is that this winter has been a bit low on blockbusters. There's plenty to love here, but you'll probably have to wait if you're looking for cheats for the latest and greatest games.

This issue of Cheatbook is definitely good for those who already have a backlog of games to get through. There's not a lot of new games covered, but there's still plenty of new material in this issue. It really feels like the best stuff here is in the walkthroughs, but there are still plenty of good cheats to use in the issue. If you're looking to take control of the way that you play your games or if you want to improve in some of the bigger games on the market, you can't afford to miss this issue.

Software Product Description

CheatBook (01/2019) - This version features 517 PC game cheats, 40 console cheats and 16 walkthroughs.

Current users can update the DataBase directly.