CheatBook Issue 03/2017      

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Release Date:   2017-03-01

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on March 01, 2017

Getting some tips and tricks when you are stuck in some part of the game you are playing will help you advance to higher levels and enjoy your game more, which is where CheatBook Issue 03/2017 comes in handy. The free gaming guide provides cheats, hints, tips and tricks for the latest games in all popular genres.

Using CheatBook Issue 03/2017

The program installer gave us the option to change the location where we wanted to install it and the ability to run the software immediately after installation. It also showed us the required space in kilobytes. The installation process took only a few seconds.

The application's welcome screen showed us that it featured 414 PC Cheats, 58 Console Cheats and 15 PC Walkthroughs. A button on the lower part of the application window gave us the opportunity to download the new version of CheatBook DataBase 2017. Clicking the "Enter" button opened the main program window.

We accessed PC Cheats, Console Cheats and PC Walkthroughs via tabs located on the upper part of the main user interface. The window displayed PC Cheats by default. The main part of the window was divided into two parts: the left side displayed a list of game titles while the right side displayed relevant information about the selected title.

The titles were listed in alphabetical order, which made it easy to find the required title. A search bar just above the title list allowed us to enter keywords that helped us to locate the required titles even faster. The interactive search facility displayed matching titles in real time as we continued typing our keywords. Thus, we did not need to type the whole game title.

When we clicked on the required title, its details immediately populated the right pane. We could read the information and apply them to the game immediately. Alternatively, we could save or print the details, enabling us to use them later without opening the application. We also had the opportunity to send the information to a friend via email.

The status bar at the bottom of the window displayed the position of the selected title against the total number of titles, its category and name.


CheatBook Issue 03/2017 provides a quick way of learning the ropes and playing your favorite games better. You do not need to mind if a diehard gamer frowns upon you that you are cheating. You will actually enjoy your games more.

Software Product Description

CheatBook (03/2017) is a cheatbook database for PC and console games. Current users of previous versions of CheatBook will be able to update their DataBase directly.