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Reviewed on March 05, 2019

If you're looking for video game cheats, you're probably aware of how much the industry has changed. Once upon a time, you could read entire magazines dedicated to the subject. Later still, there were plenty of websites that were full of arcane codes and tricks. As more games have transitioned to online play, though, many of those sites have folded. A few special few, though, have managed to thrive by changing with the times. CheatBook's latest issue is a great example of how the age-old practice of cheating at video games has managed to become more complex even as it has managed to persist over the years.

Loads of cheats, trainers, and walkthroughs for the hottest games

The March issue of CheatBook is full of everything that long-time readers have come to expect from the software. That means plenty of codes, walkthroughs, trainers, and guides for some of the hottest games out there. It also means a lot of coverage of indie games and older games, especially when compared to the rather small list of useful cheats for new games. It's more of the same, but in this case, more of the same isn't a bad thing. As always, the monthly format really brings many pros and cons to the table.

As always, the good parts of CheatBook are spectacular. There are more codes than you could ever realistically use, which is great for those who are going through a deep dive of their own extended Steam queues. A lot of the standout material comes in the form of walkthroughs and hints, of course, but that's to be expected with today's games. What's really impressive, though, is the dedication that's led to the software to be such a great repository of cheats and trainers for games that have come out in the last few years. This is really a patient gamer's dream database when it comes to cheats.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot in the way of actual cheats for today's biggest games. You're not going to see anything major for Fortnite or for Apex that you haven't already seen, though the material available for the latter game is impressive. Simply put, there are just too many games today for which there are no cheats and there will never be cheats. This can be very frustrating, especially if you are from a generation that always had access to cheat codes. It's a new world and there just doesn't seem to be any place for cheating sometimes.

Versatility helps CheatBook remain relevant

If you're looking for cheats for older games, walkthroughs for newer games, or just a few surprises, you'll love this month's edition of CheatBook. Unfortunately, the cheats database just can't bring players the cheats for those games that don't support cheats. At this point, it might be wise to start expecting more in the way of walkthroughs and guides than cheats, as this seems to be the direction in which the industry is moving. Cheats seem to be a thing of the past, even if the desire to get better at games without spending hours grinding out special skills will always be around.

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CheatBook (03/2019) - Features 357 PC game cheats, 51 console cheats and 9 walkthroughs.

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