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Reviewed on April 10, 2019

Cheating at video games is about as old as playing video games. Programmers created tools to help them test out their games, some of which were discovered by players. Rushed designs led to loopholes that players could exploit, which in turn led to new ways of playing games. Since cheating is so fundamental to the history of games, it makes sense that so many players would continue to find new ways to cheat. That's where CheatBook comes in, providing players with novel ways to play games, even if the methods used aren't always as fair as the designers had originally intended.

Outstanding Hints and Guides

The April edition of CheatBook is a really good example of CheatBook's process. It's a solid collection of cheats for older games, walkthroughs for new games, and trainers for those who aren't afraid to utterly break the confines of the games. As you might expect, it's very much a product of its time, so it's started to stray away from the pure cheats in favor of providing other methods of altering the game experience. How much you like this particular issue is really going to come down to what you're looking for and whether you need cheats for games that came out very recently.

CheatBook has become a very reliable source for walkthroughs and guides over the last few issues, something that people who want hints should really appreciate. Since the issue has so many good guides and tips, it's one of the best resources for getting legitimately better at a game without having to resort to YouTube tutorials. There are still plenty of traditional cheats for older games and plenty of trainers for single-player games, but it's the hints and guides that really make this issue stand out. If you're a fan of getting a little extra help on the way to beating a game, you should love this issue.

The downside is that the actual cheats are fairly sparse, especially when you're looking at newer games. This isn't CheatBook's fault, of course - most games these days are pretty low on the number of cheats, and a good number of even single-player games are now hosted server-side so that players cannot find a way to cheat. This is more a problem with the state of gaming than the issue itself, though it would be really nice to see some more content focusing on some of the newer games that have come out in the last month.

Excellent Resource to Assist Gamers

CheatBook's April issue is solid and a good representation of what the software provides in general. Cheats are getting less common, but guides and tips are getting better all the time. If you are looking for ways to break your games, this is how you're going to have to go forward. The era of cheats might be coming to a close, but it hasn't ended entirely. As long as there are players looking for novel ways to play their favorite video games, CheatBook will be there to provide a helping hand.

Software Product Description

CheatBook (04/2019) - Features 424 PC game cheats, 41 console cheats and 7 walkthroughs.