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Reviewed on May 11, 2020

512 PC Games, 55 Console Games, and 16 walkthroughs in this Cheatcode Database edition.

More people are turning towards video games than ever to get an escape from the real world. While plenty of people are happy to play games as they are intended to be played, there are also many who want a little extra help. They might be trying to beat the tough parts of the game and need a shortcut or they might want to try something new, but these people aren't afraid to look for cheat codes. Fortunately, CheatBook has put out an update for May that not only has plenty of codes for reasonably new games, but also cheats that can help players to clear out their backlogs.

As is typical for CheatBook, this month's issue is full of a mix of different items. There are traditional codes, of course, but there are also walkthroughs, trainers, and hint guides. Each of these cheat types has its own following and each has its own place in the world of games. While this month's issue isn't exactly perfect, it does go a long way towards showing exactly why a service like CheatBook can mean so much to so many players. Without it, gaming would be a lot less fun for some people.

The good thing about this month's issue is the wide range of games being covered. While the issue doesn't cover the hot console games that have really overwhelmed the news cycle over the course of the last sixty days, it does hit the big PC games that many are playing. For the most part, it provides walkthroughs and guise for those who want to get better at multiplayer games, along with some really good cheats and even some trainers for those who would rather have fun on their own. It's a solid mix that is sure to have something for everyone.

The downside, as tends to be typical, is that the actual cheats are outnumbered by the other types of information in this issue. The very best stuff comes in the form of trainers and guides, which are great for many but they're not quite as easy or as instantly useful as old-fashioned cheats. This isn't a failing you can lay at the feet of CheatBook, though - there just aren't that many cheats for AAA games these days and most people who really want help have to get it within the game as designed. It'd be nice to see more cheats, but the industry is just moving beyond codes.

May's issue of CheatBook is a really great piece of work that can help many players get better at the most popular PC games and even provide tools to get through the backlog of games they've meant to play. While it's short on cheats for new stuff, there are plenty of older cheats and cheats for indie games, along with great tools for the newer stuff. If you're looking for a way to change up how you play or just to get a little help with the games that are frustrating you this month, you need to look at this issue.

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CheatBook (05/2020) - 512 PC Games, 55 Console Games and 16 game walkthroughs are included in the May 2020 Edition.

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