CheatBook Issue 06/2016      

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Release Date:   2016-06-01

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OS:  Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Software Product Description

Games are only exciting when they provide some level of challenge. However, you will not really enjoy your game if it is too challenging to play. In such a situation, you will really appreciate the help you will get from CheatBook Issue 06/2016, a handy application that gives you many tips and cheats for hundreds of games in different categories.

The installation file gives you the option to run the program immediately after completing the installation process. The welcome screen gives you important statistics about the program. For example, you will readily see that it contains 386 PC cheats, 73 Console cheats and 10 walkthroughs. It also gives you the option to download and install the latest version of CheatBook DataBase 2016 if you do not yet have it.

The main program window is divided into three major parts: tabs on the upper part for selecting different program features, left pane displaying a list of game titles depending on the selected tab, and right pane displaying details of the particular title selected. The bottom part of the user interface displays relevant information about the selected title, including its name, category and position in the list.

A search bar positioned above the list of titles can help you locate required titles faster instead of scrolling even to the end of a long list. The software filters results dynamically as you type your desired keyword, so you do not need to enter the entire title. This feature will come in handy when you do not remember a complete title or when it is long.

The right pane will give you appropriate assistance with the title you want. This is where you will get cheats, walkthroughs and tips that will help you go to succeeding levels. You can save the details in a text file, print or even send them to a friend via e-mail.

Users who have already installed the CheatBook-DataBase 2001 v4.0 through 2002-2015, or the new CheatBook-DataBase 2016, will be able to update your DataBase directly.