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Reviewed on June 04, 2020

611 PC Games, 43 Console Games, and 21 walkthroughs in this CheatBook edition.

More people are playing games than ever before. Especially at a time when you can't go to the movie theater or expect to see new television shows, games have become something of a comfort for people around the world. This increased demand for games has led to an increased demand for game cheats, which seem to be harder than ever to find. Fortunately, CheatBook's June issue is out, and with it comes the knowledge that there's at least one reliable source for finding all the cheats that are on the internet. It's nice to know at least one thing is still pretty dependable.

As you might expect, this month's issue is an awful lot like last month's issue. CheatBook is usually pretty consistent with its content, with the only real changes occurring when new cheats get published or when new games come on the market. The good news for most players is that this month remains pretty solid in terms of what it offers for most gamers. The bad news is something that's just as common during this time of year - there's a real shortage of material for AAA games because there's just not anything major being released at this point.

If you're looking for cheats for older games, you're in luck - CheatBook's library is getting bigger by the day and June's issue is full of great stuff for some of the best retro titles you can find. There are also plenty of cheats for modern indie titles, as well as walkthroughs, hints, and even trainers for some of the bigger releases that have hit in the last several months. CheatBook continues to be one of the best sources for finding this kind of material on the internet, even if the cheats themselves aren't as common as they once might have been.

June is part of the traditional dry season in gaming when publishers get more interested in hyping fall releases and stores get more concerned with selling off backstock than promoting newer games. As such, there's not a lot of new AAA titles coming out and even fewer cheats making their way into this month's issue. If the game was released before May, you're probably going to find cheats for it in this issue. There's just not much more that's recent that calls for cheats quite yet. This isn't CheatBook's fault by any stretch of the imagination, but it's something to keep in mind.

If you're looking for new ways to enjoy games or methods for beating that one stage you can't quite get by, CheatBook is definitely a great source. Though it's short on AAA material, that's something that's pretty much true for the whole gaming world right now. Definitely keep looking at this issue if you have a backlog of games to play or if you're looking for hints on newer material and try to rest assured knowing that you're going to get some great cheats for newer games as soon as they get released.

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CheatBook (06/2020) - 611 Games for PC, 43 Console Games, and 21 game walkthroughs are included in the June 2020 Edition.

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