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Reviewed on July 16, 2019

In years past, summer has been the dry season for gaming. It was long the time of year in which companies were reticent to release new games and definitely when most people were expected to spend their time outside. Over the last decade, though, summer has become much more gaming-friendly. While the biggest releases are still saved for later in the year, summer is the time when there tends to be the greatest number of big sales. If you're a gamer who is looking to fill up his or her back catalog, then, summer is one of the best times of the year for gaming.

CheatBook definitely shines during the summer, largely because so many of its cheats are focused on older games. Given the lack of major new releases, there's not a lot of new material here but there is still plenty to talk about. Even as the games-as-service model takes away quite a bit from the traditional world of video game cheats, the huge sales on older games and independent titles really help to keep CheatBook relevant. The July issue of CheatBook is definitely a great look at both the software's biggest strengths and its most unfortunate shortcomings when it comes to providing new cheat material.

As ever, CheatBook shines when you're looking for older cheats. It's getting to the point that CheatBook is the go-to source for virtually any material on older games if only because the program has done such a good job of getting a fantastic catalog together. If you're grabbing classic games from one of the big website sales, there's a very good chance you'll find every cheat you need. Even if you're buying newer games, you'll still have a very good chance to find walkthroughs to help you get better at various aspects of gameplay.

The downside is that there aren't a ton of really new cheats offered right now. You can't blame CheatBook for this, of course - the fact that developers are getting rid of traditional cheats is just part of the evolution of games. When there are cheats available, CheatBook definitely has them - and when there are not, the program tries to fill in the gaps with guides and walkthroughs. It usually takes some time to get that kind of material together, though, and CheatBook's monthly issues are always a little behind the release schedule when it comes to getting in all of the new content.

So, what's the verdict on this month's issue? As always, it is great for those with a big backlog of games and a little frustrating for those who want help for the latest releases. The good news is that there is always an update around the corner and that most of the relevant information will be in place by the August issue. CheatBook is an amazing resource during the big sale season, so make sure to check out the July issue if you have picked up any of the great games that have recently dropped in price.

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CheatBook (07/2019) - This edition features 435 PC game cheats, 51 console cheats and 9 walkthroughs.

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