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Reviewed on August 13, 2018

When you're looking for cheats, what you're really looking for is a way to change up your gaming experience. Maybe you want to push a game to its limits, or maybe you just want to make up for what you perceive as problems within the base game itself. In many cases, though, gamers are just looking for a way to get better. Cheats can be a way to get a handle on game systems without having to worry about being punished by the rules of the game. If you're looking for ways to improve your gaming experience, you should definitely look at this month's edition of CheatBook.

Improve Your Gaming Experience

This August edition of CheatBook is an excellent example of how you can keep game material interesting. While there are plenty of traditional cheats to be found here, there are also a fair number of trainers, walkthroughs, and strategy guides. These extra materials can help players to hone their skills and discover secrets in games that would otherwise be too competitive to really spend much time in. This, in turn, allows gamers to get better in a shorter period of time and to improve the experience of playing the game for all involved.

Cheats and Tips for All Games

CheatBook continues to impress by putting out codes for games that range from the incredibly popular to the obscure. You can certainly pick up hints for games like Fornite here, but you can also find cheats for rather obscure indie titles. There's a good chance that if the game's made any impact at all recently, it will eventually wind up with information on CheatBook. If you picked up a few hidden gems during any of this summer's sales, you'll probably find a few of the games you bought listed here with all the cheats that you'd ever need.

Still Great Cheats Despite Summer Slowdown

The downside is, unfortunately, the fact that the summer is still not the most satisfying release window for games. While Steam might have a big summer sale every year, it never feels like big AAA games aim for a release date during this period. That, in turn, means that there aren't any really big games to buoy up this month's CheatBook. There are certainly some codes for great games that came out in the spring, but there's really nothing new here that you haven't seen before. That's not a problem, though, for those who picked up games during one of the big sales over the summer.

Despite the slowness of the summer, CheatBook is absolutely still worth a download. It's full of great codes and walkthroughs for some of the best games released over the years, and it's still got all the tips you need to dominate the competition in some of the hottest games being played today. If you're searching for a good source of information that can give you the edge that you need, CheatBook is a great place to start. As big releases start rolling out in the Fall, you'll also be able to expect to see many more big-name games with even bigger cheats in the software.

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CheatBook (08/2018) - 445 PC Games cheats, 10 walkthroughs, and 56 Console cheats are available in the August Edition.

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