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Reviewed on August 06, 2019

Cheats are a time-honored part of the gaming tradition. Traditionally starting as secret ways for developers and programmers to test out games or have fun with their creations, cheats became an industry unto themselves. As more games have moved online, though, cheats have started to disappear so that players can have the same experience across the board.

If you're still a fan of video game cheats, though, it's good to know that there are still places out there where you can find them. CheatBook has released another issue for August 2019, and you'll get a good look at how cheats have developed in recent years.

Cheats, Guides, and Strategies

August's issue of CheatBook is a really good reflection of the world of cheats right now. There are plenty of cheats included, of course, but they're almost all for smaller games. When it comes to the big names, you're looking at guides and strategies. CheatBook is doing a remarkable job of keeping up with the times and transitioning to offering the right kind of information, but some players are going to feel a little sad that the time-honored art of looking up video game cheats is starting to go the way of the dinosaurs.

CheatBook is doing a fantastic job of keeping up with the indie scene. Given the deep engagement of indie developers with fans and their love of older games, it's no wonder that the cheat scene is really thriving when it comes to smaller games. If you're picking up one of the truly indie titles that have come out in the last month or so, you'll find something great on CheatBook. There are also some very excellent strategy guides and hints for some newer games, which can help gamers get a leg up on the competition and even help individual players to become more competitive in multiplayer games.

The downside is, as is typical, that cheats are really becoming a thing of the past. Since so many of the big games these days are games-as-service products, you're just not seeing the same number of single-player cheats that you would have seen a few years back. You can still get plenty of strategy guides and some great hints for these games, but the software continually runs into the problem that cheats are just becoming an outdated idea. CheatBook does a great job with what's out there, but the pickings are starting to look very slim.

Best Resource for Cheats and Tips

The world of game cheats has definitely changed, and the games that make the most use of the content you'll find here are years old. This is great news for those still playing through a huge backlog, but it's definitely not what those who are on the cutting edge want to hear. Still, if you're looking for ways to get ahead in some of your favorite games, you really won't find a better resource than CheatBook. Check out this month's issue to get access to some of the best information that's on the internet and some of the best tips for your favorite games.

Software Product Description

CheatBook (08/2019) - 588 PC Games cheats, 11 walkthroughs, and 55 Console cheats are available in the August 2019 Edition.