CheatBook Issue 09/2017      

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Reviewed on September 04, 2017

Some games are just too hard to beat legitimately. Others are easy enough, but all the fun comes from breaking the rules. That's why cheats have always been such a big part of gaming and why cheat sites will always be around. People can argue about the ethics of cheating in games as much as they want. The real problem now isn't cheating in games, but finding a site that still offers great cheats. Fortunately, CheatBook still brings fantastic cheats, trainers, and guides to players every month. The 9/2017 issue is no different than the rest, with a good assortment of games and cheats.

New Cheats This Month for Great Games

This month's issue of CheatBook is full of great games. It's got cheats for the new Life is Strange prequel, Destiny 2, and Final Fantasy XV ready to go. It's also got cheats for the Life is Feudal spinoff, Halo Wars 2, and even Dragon Age Inquisition. As always, it's a great mix of cheats, trainers, and walkthrough guides for those who just need a little extra help getting through the tough parts of some games. This is one site that definitely fills the hole left by some of the great cheat sites of the early internet.

The good news is that this month's issue has a ton of up-to-date stuff available. These are games that people actually want cheats for and that are sorely lacking on most sites. While some of the cheats are more in line with walkthroughs, they are still incredibly useful for those looking to get 100% completion on their games. If you're looking for a cheat for a current, popular PC game, you shouldn't have much trouble finding it here. The lack of trainers this month also makes the issue particularly useful for those who just want simple ways to get ahead in their games.

Are there issues with this issue? Sure. If you have a problem with cheating, you're definitely going to have a problem with the product as a whole. There are also a few issues with some of the cheats - those listed for Destiny 2, for example, are almost certainly rumors rather than useful cheats. As always, you'll have to ignore a few less-than-honest cheat descriptions to get to the good stuff for some of the games. It's nothing new for people who look for game cheats, but it is something to be aware of if you have very specific cheat needs.


The 9/17 issue of the Cheatbook is a solid entry into its archives. There's a great selection of games available, even if there are a few that have somewhat sketchy cheat codes. This is a great tools for anyone who wants to skip some of the harder parts of games or who wants to trying playing in a different way. Remember that these cheats are solely for single player games, and trying to use them online will probably leave you embarrassed. Keep the cheating to yourself and find a way to get the most out of the games you have bought.

Software Product Description

Cheat code tracker for console and PC games. This issues includes over 400 PC game cheats, 8 PC game walkthroughs, and 52 console cheats. Current users of CheatBook will be able to update their dataBase directly.