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Reviewed on September 05, 2018

Video game cheats are as much a part of games as exploding red barrels and enemies who forget what they were doing as soon as you step into a shadow. Cheats have been around since the earliest days of gaming, and they'll probably be here until the end. While there are indeed cheats that make games less fun for other players, there are also cheats that help gamers to find ways to play their games in radically new ways. If you're looking for cheats for modern games, the best place to look continues to be in CheatBook. This month's edition is yet another example of why the software is so useful.

Great Mix of Cheats for Old and New Games

The September 2018 CheatBook is par for the course, featuring a very solid mix of older games and recent releases. The cut-off date for this one is on August 5th, so every game released comes from before that date. This gives players a fairly good idea of what they should be looking for in this issue - cheats from the few major summer games, alongside some classic cheats. As always, there's also a good number of walkthroughs and hints available for this month's edition, helping out those who need a bit of guidance but who don't want to cheat directly.

The positive news is that the September issue has some great cheats for older games. Chief among these are cheats for quite a few games that featured in both the Steam Summer Sale and the XBox Summer Sale, so you'll get games as varied as the Wolfenstein 2-Pack and Dream Daddy. There are also some fantastic cheats for some more obscure indie games, some of which haven't really been featured anywhere else. Rounding out the list are some fantastic tips for Fortnite and PUBG, which are still all the rage among summer gamers.

The downside has less to do with the CheatBook itself and more to do with the state of summer gaming. There were a ton of remasters and remakes this summer, but no true standout games. There are finally some walkthroughs and hints for Destiny 2 here, but nothing for Sony's few late Spring releases. You're really looking at a list of cheats that are representative of what gamers got to play this summer - a lot of repeats and old games, but nothing truly new. To be fair, though, it's impossible to generate new content if the games aren't coming out.

Great Cheats and Walkthroughs as Always

The good news is that the summer gaming drought is over. CheatBook did a fine job of making sure that players were given access to great cheats for older games over the summer, but the big games are just around the corner. As more games come out, you can rest assured that CheatBook will provide cheats and walkthroughs as soon as they are available. For now, though, it's time to go back through the fantastic list of older games provided by CheatBook and figure out ways to play through them that help make the long wait feel just a little bit shorter.

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CheatBook (09/2018) - This latest version includes 439 PC cheats, 55 console cheats and 7 walkthroughs.

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