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Reviewed on September 06, 2019

354 PC Games, 55 Console Games, and 13 walkthroughs in this CheatBook edition.

Everyone wants an edge when it comes to gaming. How they get that edge, though, really varies from person to person. There are some players - the would-be pros and the super-serious - who spend hours upon hours trying to learn every secret and mastering every combo. Most other people, though, are just happy to cheat. When they're playing solo games, it's easy to stop running up against that one unbeatable part of a game and type in a code. Cheat codes have been around almost as long as gaming itself, so it's no wonder that players are still embracing this particular form of play improvement.

New Games, Updates of Old Titles, Lots of Content

CheatBook is the home for all of your game cheat needs, whether your goal is to use old-school codes to make a game easier or if you just want a guide to help you hit 100% on a particular game. CheatBook is updated with a new edition every month, with September's edition following the usual format of adding a few new games and updating a whole lot of older titles. While this month definitely does what it sets out to do, it's hard to say that it brings players everything they're going to want in terms of traditional cheats.

The best part about this month's issue is, as always, the sheer breadth of the content. There are a handful of new games listed, of course, but there is a huge back catalog through which players can sort to find the games they love. If you've got a backlog of games to get through, this month's issue will help you to speed through those games. If you're looking for walkthroughs or hints, it's really difficult to conceive of any software that could produce better content. This issue honestly has an amazing amount of material for players to sort through.

The downside of the issue doesn't really have much to do with the issue itself, but rather the way that games work now. The newer the game on this list, the less likely it is to have traditional cheat codes. Big AAA publishers are increasingly getting on the games-as-service bandwagon, and that means cracking down on methods that players use to make games easier or to experience content in new ways without paying. Unfortunately, it's just really hard to find a game that fits in the old paradigms that allowed for the kind of experimentation that cheats allow.

Best Source for Game Cheats, Tips, and Hints

CheatBook remains one of the best sources for game cheats and information on the internet. Though it's getting harder and harder to find traditional cheats, this month's issue does do a great job of helping players get through the tough parts of games. The old-school method of entering codes might be going away, but that doesn't mean players can't still get an edge with the right information. CheatBook is still providing players with everything they need to get better in games, and it's definitely worth any gamer's time to download this month's issue and to see what is included.

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CheatBook (09/2019) - 354 PC Games, 55 Console and 13 walkthroughs are included in the September 2019 Edition.

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