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Reviewed on October 02, 2018

October means many things to many people. For some, it's the beginning of Fall. For others, it means it's time to pull out the winter clothes. For gamers, though, October means an end to the long dry spell of summer and the emergence of new games. Before the big releases hit, though, it's important to check out what's come before. Cheatbook's October issue is here, bringing with it the end of the summer gaming drought and a fair number of great new cheats. While the big stuff is still around the corner, it's good to have some cheats for the games you want to play while you wait.

Cheatbook's monthly issues generally have a solid mix of older games and new releases. You'll always get a chance to find great cheats for single-player games and some very useful guides for the hottest multiplayer games. This summer was especially light on major releases, though, especially where PC gaming was concerned. As such, most of what you'll be looking at in this issue pulls heavily from some older games. Cheatbook does a lot with what it's been given, especially for those who still have plenty of games in their library to play.

Includes Cheats for New Releases and Loads of Indie Games

The good news is that Cheatbook really has loaded up on fairly recent games. While it's necessarily light on brand-new stuff, it does have a few fairly major recent releases like Jurassic Park: The Game and NBA 2K19 featured this issue. It also has some favorites that are still gaining an audience, like Destiny 2. In addition to the recent games, there are a ton of indie releases with codes that are much harder to find online. There are also some spectacular walkthroughs and guides this time around, which will definitely help those who are trying to master games without directly cheating.

As always, the biggest flaw with this issue is the lack of truly new games. Unfortunately, that's something that has to be a given with this issue. September was a very light month this year, with some of its bigger PC-related releases not coming out until the very end of the month. This problem will almost certainly be solved in next month's issue, though, especially with a fairly front-loaded beginning of October. If you absolutely can't wait for the newest cheats, though, it can be disappointing to figure out that you'll have to wait another month to get what you want.

Enjoy Your Back Catalog While Waiting for Fall Releases

Taken as a whole, this month's Cheatbook works very well. It's still light on current content, but that's just par for the course when it comes to September. As more new games hit the shelves, it seems like a given that more new games will also find their way into Cheatbook. For the time being, it's a good idea to sit back, to enjoy your back catalog, and to have fun with the cheats that are already here. Gaming's about to get very busy, so enjoy being able to play things at a leisurely pace while you can.

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CheatBook (10/2018) - This latest version includes 488 PC game cheats, 70 console cheats and 12 walkthroughs.

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