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Reviewed on December 04, 2017

Another month brings another wave of new games. If you're the average gamer, this probably means spending a lot more time overcoming small problems in the game than you'd like. If you want a good workaround, you'll need to go back to a time-honored tradition in gaming - cheating. Whether you're looking to get past that one annoying part of the game or you are looking for a competitive edge against your friends, these codes can help you out. The month's edition of Cheatbook will give you what you're looking for, though not for every game that's been released over the last month.

Solid Collection of Cheats, Trainers, and Walkthroughs

Cheatbook is a collection of cheat codes, trainers, and walkthroughs that follows in the tradition of all the great online cheat sites. More a repository of information than a product itself, the site helps to hook players up with the cheats they need. Updated at the beginning of each month, Cheatbook tends to have a solid collection of very popular games alongside some of the hotter games that were released in the last thirty days. This month's issue is par for the course, although it does have a few strange absences from its list of game cheats.

Destiny 2, NBA 2k18, Titan Quest: Ragnarok Added This Month

On the positive side, Cheatbook does have a great list of games this month. The jewel is Destiny 2, which is still plugging along quite well. Equally impressive is the inclusion of NBA 2k18 and Titan Quest: Ragnarok. In addition to these newer games, there are still some featured cheats for games that have huge online followings. You can still find cheats for GTA V, for example, even though the game has been out for quite some time on PC. It's a good repository for games even if you aren't looking at the most recent releases. This month has almost everything you need.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Not Included

As ever, the downside to the issue is that it didn't quite grab everything from last month's releases. The gaping hole in the cheat list is Star Wars Battlefront 2, a game that was both the most controversial and most talked-about game from last month. It's unknown if the cheats just aren't available yet or if the game didn't make last month's cutoff, but it's definitely a notable absence from a game list that is usually updated quickly. There are also still a few major November games that aren't getting the promotion they need, which is surprising given the speed at which the site usually updates its issue.

Cheatbook remains one of the best programs to get video game cheats, trainers, and guides. It's still not quite as up-to-date as some might like, but there's a very good chance that the missing games will make an appearance next month. Whether you are looking to get cheats for newer games or you just need an edge in certain games that have been out for several years, Cheatbook has what you need. Be patient when it comes to the newer stuff - the publishing format just doesn't allow for some of the hottest new games on the market to make it onto the list right after they are released.

Software Product Description

A cheat-code tracker with hints, tips, tricks for several popular PC Action and Adventure Games.