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Reviewed on October 29, 2018

Prove the Authenticity of Your Downloadable Program to Users

The days of downloading corrupted files and programs is over. How? With Checksum-Aide, a hash code calculation utility tool that actually verifies whether or not a program is compromised. Checksum-Aide allows you to generate hash codes, also known as checksum codes, that assures the user on the other end that your software program is safe to download. In other words, it's a dream tool for every developer who wants to prove the authenticity of their software.

Checksum-Aide is foolproof and necessary if you want people to download your program. With so many cyber-attacks and viruses spread through downloads, Checksum-Aide gives you, the developer, a solution to this problem with their excellent features.

Features of Checksum-Aide

  • Prove the authenticity of your downloadable program.
  • Generate up to eleven various hash codes.
  • Codes can be created for text or a file on your computer.
  • Even better, you can generate these hash codes for numerous files at once.
  • Checksum-Aide is 100% Certified Clean

If you haven't checked out Checksum-Aide, now is the time to try it out and watch your download numbers steadily increase.

Software Product Description

Generate hash codes for files easily.