Chess Tournaments 1.1      

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Reviewed on December 14, 2017

The board game named Chess became popular during the 1950's and continues to have a strong following from different age groups. Many people call Chess the master of intellectual games.

Compared to other games, chess is not a competition of physical prowess. But still, people find this game as enjoyable because it provides different benefits for our intellectual capacity.

As a result of this game's popularity, chess was able to encourage the world to conduct healthy competitions among different localities and nationalities. Previously, people who organized a chess competition found it hard to monitor the flow of the game because they had to do it manually.

However, at this time their previous hardship wouldn't be the same today because of the existence of various chess software. Chess Tournaments is one such software that allows users to organize chess tournaments.

Better than Before

Traditionally, Chess is played with tables, Chess boards, and timers. Once you made your move, you are mandated to tap the timer. Well, that's during the old days. Now, a chess tournament can run without using a chess board and a timer by using software applications.

During the game, you can undo any move to review the last movement of your opponent. But be mindful that when you're doing this your time continues to run. Upon capturing your opponent's piece, on the right side of your screen, the software will present you with the corresponding point of your captured piece and a plus symbol. While on your opponent's screen it will be a negative symbol. When you click your additional move, a pop out screen will appear presenting the numbers of the piece left on the virtual chess board.

You can play locally or over a network. Moves using your mouse or keyboard is also supported.

Automated Statistics

You no longer need to do the statistics manually if you are an organizer, because this software will present all the necessary details you need like result statistics, moves statistics, round and the summary of the game.

Accessible to Different Operating Systems (OS)

For you to use this software, the program of your device should be at least Java 8. Anything lower than Java 8 wouldn't have the capacity to run this program. Since Chess Tournament is written in Javascript, it is compatible with any supported OS. It can run on Mac, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.

The usage of this software is quite easy. Simply download and install it on your device or your computer. However, before playing this game, you have to know legal Chess moves because this software doesn't provide the rules of chess.

Software Product Description

This is a chess program to help you to organize chess tournaments.