CleanWiz 3.0.6100      

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License:   FREE

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Release Date:   2015-01-16

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OS:  Android 3.0+

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Software Product Description

Chances are you have installed software on your computer that helps you get rid of junk files. Have you considered doing the same with your smart phone? After you have used your phone for a while, you will start noticing a decline in performance. This does not necessarily mean the phone is faulty. If you have an Android device, then CleanWiz will help you restore its performance by removing unnecessary files and apps among other things.

The lightweight application includes several utilities for optimizing your smart phone. The tools will help you free up system resources and space to prevent slowdowns.

The app makes it easy to empty your Android phones cache to remove residual and other junk files. You can clean the cache of over 5000 apps and junk files. This will not only help you get more space but also prevent slowdowns.

The application is also useful in removing installed apps and cleaning the advert folder. Alternatively, you can use it to move apps to your memory card and free up the phones internal storage without sacrificing the programs you want.

You can also free up the phones memory by killing unnecessary background tasks. In addition to making your phone faster, stopping these tasks will help you extend your devices battery life.

CleanWiz is also useful in protecting your privacy and enhancing your security, as you can use it to erase such personal data as call logs, browsing history, MMS, SMS and app logs.

The application is easy to use, and one tap suffices to boost your phones performance.

With CleanWiz, you can keep your Android phones always running like new:

  • One tap to boost your Android phones performance.
  • Clean the cache of 5,000+ APPs and junk files to recover storage space.
  • Kill background tasks to free up system RAM.
  • Manage all of your APPs and APK files.
  • Speed up your mobile games for better game experience.
  • Monitor the temperature of your device and cool down it as you want.
  • Manage the service, event and autoruns of your android system.
  • Detect and clean the similar photos to free more space.