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Release Date:   2016-11-02

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Reviewed on November 02, 2016

There are different applications that allow you to use your computer keyboard as a piano. One of the simplest and most straight forward of these is Click MusicalKEYS. The free musical keyboard software maps the computer keyboard properly, which makes it feel like a real piano when playing. It includes 128 musical instruments that enhance playing, and you can even use it to save your songs as MIDI files.

Using Click MusicalKEYS

We downloaded the ZIP archive and extracted its contents to the default folder. It contained both EXE and MSI files to accommodate different systems. The software gave us the option to install it for all users or only the current user.

When we launched the software, it opened a user interface that featured 41 piano keys on the main window, with each virtual key displaying its corresponding physical key on the keyboard. A drop down list on the upper left part of the window allowed us to select the musical instrument that we wanted to play, from acoustic grand piano to gunshot. To the left of the drop-down list were two buttons for recording music and playing recorded songs respectively.

We played the virtual piano in two different ways: using either the mouse or keyboard. While we could click the keys on the virtual piano, that method only made sense when we wanted to play a single note. It was more convenient to play a song using the PC keyboard. The corresponding virtual keys appeared depressed as we pressed the PC keys.

We found it easy to play the piano because of the way the software mapped the PC keyboard. For example, the lower keys "Z, X, C, V, B, N, M, <, > and ?" played the lower white keyboard keys while the keys above them "S, D, F, G, H, J, K, L and :" played the black piano keys. We had tried playing other piano applications that were not so user friendly because the keys that we needed to press were arranged more like a calculator than a piano.

The free virtual piano allowed us to set echo either on or off by pressing F3 while keys 8 and 5 respectively let us increase and decrease base.


If you want a piano application that will let you use your computer keyboard as a real piano, then Click MusicalKEYS is the answer. You can choose from among 128 different musical instruments, record music in MIDI format and play back MIDI files.

Software Product Description

A MIDI musical keyboard software with 128 instruments.