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Reviewed on September 26, 2018

Create flowcharts and diagrams to better understand an organization or process

Organizing and demonstrating data so that it is easy to understand is best accomplished through a flowchart. ClickCharts is free flowchart software that includes a range of useful symbols and shapes to demonstrate or document the flow of systems, information or conceptualization.

Easy to use, this free diagram software provides chart templates and features required for creating standard visual modeling based on Unified Modeling Language (UML). Sheet overlapping enables the creation of large diagrams and all basic editing and graphics tools are provided for the development of highly comprehensive documentation for both diagrams and flowcharts.

Begin with a template or start from a blank canvas, work on multiple charts at the same time, employ an artistic style to further visually enhance the chart and, when all is complete, export to a choice of common formats for easy viewing by others. ClickCharts free flowchart software is an ideal choice for creating diagrams and charts.

  • Templates for making an easy start
  • Wide range of symbols and lines
  • Copy, paste, undo, etc. editing functions
  • Artistic styles, color, fill and stroke tools
  • UML (Unified Modeling Language) capability
  • Sheet overlapping for seamless large diagram display
  • Multiple simultaneous diagram creation and editing
  • Option to Save in chart format or Export to PDF
  • Export options to common image formats including JPG, GIF, and PNG

Fast installation and an intuitive interface

ClickCharts installs fast and opens to immediately provide you with chart creation options.

Basic templates, in addition to the UML Class Diagrams and Flowcharts, include ER, Block, Venn and Data Flow Diagrams, and Organizational Charts. Each class also provides a Blank Diagram option.

Starting with a template or blank canvas, you'll find a toolbar above the workspace with the relevant easy access flowchart or diagram tools, with the selected set provided in a panel at right. Function-specific instructions, quick access to relevant tools and features, and a slider are found in the status bar.

Mouse functions provide quick means to panning, scrolling and zooming into and out of your work, while keyboard shortcuts and a right-click context menu enable fast access to various options.

Clicking the Home tab in the menu bar provides access to all the major functions of ClickCharts free diagram software. Functions include changing setup options such as paper size and orientation, bleed and scaling, changing grid options and inserting images. The Edit tab provides access to your editing tools.

Additional useful features

Many features, in addition to keyboard shortcuts and mouse functions, make ClickCharts fast and convenient to use. The symbols and text in your diagram can be locked, to prevent any accidental movement, and unlocked. Hyperlinks can be added to text fields. Symbols in your charts can be grouped and worked with as a single symbol using keyboard shortcuts. Vertical and horizontal alignment enables you to make your diagrams visually attractive as well a comprehensive. The ability to work on multiple diagrams at the same time saves time when developing associated charts.

Free ClickCharts is a very convenient and easy to use program that is suitable for both new and experienced users of flowchart/diagram software. It is compatible with all versions of Windows.

Software Product Description

Easily create flowcharts and diagrams for free.


"Needs Work"

Reviewer: -EliGromny

Review Date: 2019-12-18

Pros: Reasonably well thought-out design. Has potential to be pretty useful.

Cons: Some pretty serious bugs and useablity issues make it suitable for simple charts only at this time. E.g. arrowheads won't orient properly, can't delete anchor points, can't anchor one connector to another. I wouldn't try to use it for anything complicated.

Other Thoughts: None


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