ClipAngel 1.80      

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Release Date:   2019-05-19  | Changelog

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OS:  Windows Vista/2008/7/2012/8.1/10 (32-Bit/64-Bit)

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Reviewed on June 21, 2017

ClipAngel is an intuitive Clipboard Manager that can capture multiple items and let the user select and paste the required one to a suitable destination. The program supports different Clipboard formats, including html, text, rtf, image and file.

Features and Functions

You can run the application in either normal or portable mode. Whichever mode you use, it will store its settings and database in the same location. Once you have launched the program, you simply need to copy objects in the normal way, such as by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+C, and it will automatically capture the copied objects and add them to a list displayed on the left section of the user interface.

If you have copied text and not a file, you can view the copied text on the right section of the user interface by clicking the appropriate item in the list on the left panel. If the item you click on is a file, you will see its link on the right panel. This is possible because the application captures both the process name, window title and source URL.

Since the program can accommodate many items in the list, you can quickly locate the required one by typing a keyword on the search bar on the lower section of the program window. Alternatively, you can filter items by clip type or marks. The application stores the last used filters, and it marks the filter matches in text. For example, typing "ss" will display all instances where "ss" appear in the entire list of objects.

You can move items up or down in the list. When you repeatedly copy an item to the Clipboard, the intuitive software will display it on top of the list.

ClipAngel supports several keyboard hot-keys. For example, you can bring the program to the front and reset the selected item to the first one in the list by clicking ALT+V. This hot-key works irrespective of the application you are currently using. If the hot-key interferes with what you want to do on the current program, then you can change it from the "Settings" menu.

There are many other functions that you can configure under "Settings," including maximum depth number, maximum clip size in KB and ignored applications in clip capture. You can also link the software with external applications to perform different tasks. You can specify the applications for editing different file formats or comparing text.


ClipAngel is a versatile program that allows users to copy and paste multiple objects in different applications. You no longer need to be concerned that copying an item will remove the previous one from memory. You can also manipulate the copied objects in various ways.

Software Product Description

Portable clipboard manager for Windows.

Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 or above.