What's New in version 4.041:

  • Added: Select Sets variables &'37;R &'37;G to filter by for Region / Language
  • Added: Batcher, rebuilder setting to avoid message prompts
  • Misc: support dat date attribute format YYYY-MM-DD without specifying timestamp
  • Misc: rar/7z/uncompressed files timestamps are handled as UTC based, zip as non UTC based
  • Fixed: some unpack/pack zip operation fail on very long file/path names
  • Fixed: interative folder creation for UNC paths is broken
  • Fixed: systems auto assign fails for software lists
  • Fixed: fail to load dats from www when www profiler definition file doesn't use http/https in the links

What's New in version 4.040:

  • A quick little release. Not a big one but I'd like to start the year with some better version number ;).

What's New in version 4.038a:

  • And another important rename fix...seems that I accidently killed the dupes check

What's New in version 4.038:

  • added: support for zip/rar/7z aliases (e.g. jar/cbz/cbr/cb7, etc) in Settings->Compressor tabs. So you can now scan e.g. jar files like zip files etc. The alias settings allow multiple values separated by space, so e.g. .cbz .jar .war
  • added: zip property tab in Settings-Compressor with e.g. zip compression level setting option
  • misc: use a private use utf8 char for internal set subfolder handling, so all kind of apostrophes in rom/setnames are allowed again and won't be replaced
  • misc: speedup multi 7z/rar delete opertions by using filelists
  • misc: updated rar dll
  • fixed: some zip circular rename operations could kill files

What's New in version 4.037a:

  • Tiny update with the findings after 4.037

What's New in version 4.036a:

  • Fixed: broken rar support in 64bit version (64bit conflict of rar and sha1 class), updated rar dll to 5.8 (4.036a)
  • Added: automatic 32k path length support, no more need to use \? prefixes (*)
  • Fixed: miss-list listed some sample-only-sets where the parent is autogenerated (e.g. fantasy_sound, nes_jf13, etc)
  • Fixed: wrong software list rom size for roms which imply an offset of 0x00000000 as default
  • Fixed: remembering window positions on multiple / virtual screens fails
  • Fixed: rebuilder match count for files with identical crc32 but different sha1
  • Fixed: rebuilder removal of rebuilt files for files with identical crc32 but different sha1
  • Fixed: detect chd clone to clone moves (aka MAME 206 vs4e to vs4eo rename)
  • Fixed: rom count for fully missing sets included bios roms even when the bios set is available
  • Fixed: select sets options like initial invert / incl. clones/devices etc should only be activate when select sets or from file is specified
  • Misc: rebuilder log adds software list information to file name
  • Misc: dir2dat writes chd files as disk
  • Misc: added cmpro.ini option Adv_WindowToFront = on (on / off) to handle the automatic bring window to front functionality
  • Misc: profiler cache which reduces rescanning datfiles/settings on each profiler visit, should speed up profiler for users which have lots and lots of dats. Delete/Add/Move operations will force a refresh at the moment though
  • Misc: limit extension removal to a max of 3 characters and no space after the .
  • Misc: updated zip, rar and 7z dlls (4.6.7, 5.71, 1900)
  • Misc: updated sha1 c++ class implementation to 2.1
  • Misc: switched to Visual Studio 2019

What's New in version 4.035:

  • Finally put together a new release with some fixes/requests/updates.

What's New in version 4.029:

  • fixed: software list export has a space at the end of the prolog
  • fixed: rare rebuild name-case-pick problem when rebuilding parent/clone sets where the clone uses different case in naming of the parent files
  • fixed: H does not match all chd-only ones
  • added: setinfo lists referenced device roms in set file list
  • added: settings->compressor->chdman option setting to hide console window during verify process
  • added: batcher scanner option to include/exclude chd decompress in deep modes
  • added: batcher scanner option to disable deep (sha1/md5/full decompress) scan
  • misc: reorganized batcher prop pages (mainly used radio buttons for some options)
  • misc: updated unrar dll to 5.31

What's New in version 4.028:

  • misc: dir2dat, software exports adds offset=0
  • misc: dir2dat, prevent system sleep mode
  • misc: dir2dat, add manufacturer from folder also works for non-single-set mode
  • misc: dir2dat, when addYear/addManufacturer is used, tags get initialized with '????' (unless they get a value assigned by other options)
  • fixed: setinfo tree disappears when no devices or mechanicals are used

What's New in version 4.027:

  • misc: 32bit version still runs on SSE1 processors
  • misc: compiled with VS Studio 2015 Update 1
  • misc: updated to unrar lib/sdk 5.31.1 and 7z lib/sdk to 15.14
  • misc: prevent system sleep mode for scan, rebuild, merge tasks
  • misc: the minimum value for rebuilder option to skip folder after X skipped files is now 1
  • added: setinfo tree lists empty sets only on request (context menu) and empty tree branches are removed
  • misc: setinfo tree gets reendered on actions (apply, invert, etc) when show enabled/disabled is used
  • removed: cmpro.ini switch Adv_DatFormatXML, Export format (from setinfo) can now be switched in dir2dat
  • added: dir2dat can export in softwarelist format (pretty preliminary but a start)
  • added: dir2dat option add manufacturer -> from folder, which takes the current folder name as manufacturer/publisher (in single set mode only)

What's New in version 4.026:

  • Mainly fixed a possible crash during hash generation.

What's New in version 4.025:

  • Some general fixes and updates for users with UHD screens.

What's New in version 4.024

  • Updated the packer libraries and fixed a general zip64 bug.

What's New in version 4.015:

  • fixed: corrected handling of sets with only bios roms and sample clone (MAME 154 gp110 sets)
  • fixed: dir2dat not always writes cr/lf as line delimiter (deprecated format only)
  • fixed: rebuilder log shows no reason for already rebuilt files
  • fixed: rebuilder shows warning when rebuilding uncompressed file which already exists in destination
  • fixed: rebuilder recreates files (when not needed) when you use chds files as roms
  • fixed: crash when redrawing scan results (some rare circumstances)
  • misc: optimized general hash calculation / file read routine
  • misc: removed crc=-1 / 1 suspicious checksum check
  • misc: changed nes header file to be a bit less strict
  • misc: updated to latest ziparchive class lib, unrar dll
  • misc: parse rom merge tags enabled by default (on clean install)

What's New in version 4.014b:

  • fixed: not initialized variable causes 7z decompress warnings in Windows 8.1 (64bit only)

What's New in version 4.014a:

  • fixed: accidently reintroduced 7z case fix issue when using 7z exe's rename operation

What's New in version 4.014:

  • misc: switched to 7z CPP SDK core now. Unpack operations and hash calculations are now done blockwise. So you should not run into memory issues with huge 7z files anymore.
  • misc: reenabled detection of unneeded folders within rar/7z files with safe handling on delete
  • fixed: no more possible double file creations when using external packer's rename command
  • fixed: possible assertion when not using external packer's rename command
  • misc: updated unrar dll

What's New in version 4.012b:

  • fixed: unneeded samples can cause crash
  • fixed: rebuilder fails on filenames containing special character '`' which is internally used
  • fixed: crash on illegal 7z file dates
  • fixed: case fix for rar/7z without using their rename operations removes file and leads to crash
  • misc: updated to latest unrar dll
  • misc: updated to latest ziparchive class

What's New in version 4.012a:

  • fixed: rar processing freezes when handling multi volume rars
  • fixed: rar deletion failed due to some other multi volume handling (dll update)
  • misc: changed default operation for 'Edit Datfile...' from ShellExecute 'edit' to 'open'

What's New in version 4.012:

  • added: profiler tree option 'Profile List Includes All Subfolder Entries' which shows you profiles on the selected plus all sublevels
  • added: cmpro.ini option 'Adv_MinimizeCHDMan = on' to keep chdman windows minimized (not hidden)
  • misc: updated unrar.dll with the release of winrar5
  • fixed: zero padding in offlineList xml parser was not working correctly
  • fixed: little memleak when you drag'n drop profiles in profiler
  • misc: changed rar/7z rename operations a bit to made them more safe against possible external packer failures
  • misc: minor changes to disk name checks to avoid rare issues with identical hashes but different names within a parent/clone relationship (in full merge mode)

What's New in version 4.011a:

  • misc: supporting multiple device_ref entries (removed 'i from rebuilder poststring variables though)
  • misc: replaced 7z case fix with exe rename when possible
  • misc: disabled obsolete archive folder check for external packers (since they might remove the folder and entries)

What's New in version 4.011:

  • added: profiler column timestamp when dat was added
  • misc: removed some visual effects (useful if you're using dark themes)
  • misc: updated to latest ziparchive library
  • misc: rebuilder log shows more info for 'Exists' and 'Skipped'
  • fixed: runtime error with 0 sized packed files and header support
  • fixed: software lists of a previous loaded datfile stay when no xml datfile is loaded afterwards
  • fixed: batchrun uses previous scan data sometimes incorrectly
  • fixed: rebuilder destprestring function does not pick clone or bios set when file belongs to them only
  • fixed: 7z/rar removal of unneeded files in archive subfolders does not work
  • fixed: chds and samples with extensions loose extensions
  • fixed: xml file header parser can (by mistake) detect a mess -listxml output as a mess software list output
  • fixed: xml parser crash when xml file is wrongly detected as mess software list ouput (above)

What's New in version 4.010:

  • fixed: 7z working with filenames starting with an '@' fails if the filename also contains a space
  • fixed: header support: possible infinite loop when file is too short
  • fixed: header support: wrong hash calculation (in file and memfile) when file is too short
  • fixed: detection of prefered archive type falsely failed for unpacked sets causing creation of zips
  • misc: unneeded check also detects obsolete chd folders
  • misc: explicity test folder for no entries to avoid possible deletion of NTFS junctions
  • misc: check if file really exist in 7z/rar archives before trying to remove them. Gives a small speed gain

What's New in version 4.09a:

  • misc: take over a set bad dump chd status flag for all parent/clone instances of that chd

What's New in version 4.09:

  • fixed: rename profiles (which are based on a xml dat) corrupts xml structure
  • fixed: fix missing doesn't look into parent set in rompaths in full merge mode it might oversee missing but fixable roms
  • misc: changed size of compressor settings window

What's New in version 4.08b:

  • added: parsing of driver status flag (good|imperfect|preliminary)
  • misc: some minor optimization for fix missing if one and the same checksum reappears in the same set
  • fixed: 7z utf8 name reading was broken since switch to sdk 9.22 in 4.08 (used local code page instead)
  • fixed: wrong 'wrong placed' / 'unneeded' prompt when there are softwarelist/non-softwarelist chd clashes
  • fixed: wrong prompt for possible rompath addition for disabled sysdefpaths standard/device/mechanical

What's New in version 4.08a:

  • misc: test if 7z/rar rename operation is available, otherwise it will be disabled automatically. You need to enabled it manually (if supported by 7z)...I may change that to auto-enable in the future.
  • fixed: rare obsolete missing but fixable chd message for sets without roms
  • fixed: workaround for 7z.exe no-file-in-archive corruption (e.g. after removing all files from it you were not able to add new files to it)

What's New in version 4.08:

  • added: batcher rebuilder and scanner merge mode overwrites
  • added: supporting rar and 7z binaries rename operation. However your packer version needs to support it. For 7z, the latest alpha does. If your version does not, you can uncheck the option in settings compressor 7z and/or rar.
  • misc: updated to 7z sdk 9.22 for reading and unpacking 7z archives (e.g. supports LZMA2)
  • fixed: wrong unneeded files message in samples folder if you're using software lists
  • fixed: rare obsolete missing but fixable chd message based on rompath ordering
  • fixed: decompressed samples in non wav format causes wrong prompts

What's New in version 4.07a:

  • fixed: wrong sysdefpath prompt reappears even if you press yes-to-all
  • fixed: wrong sysdefpath is listed in scan results tree even if it was fixed

What's New in version 4.07:

  • added: chdman settings option to ignore warning for BADDUMP chds
  • added: rebuilder advanced option to list matched chds (so that's a first step towards chds rebuilding)
  • misc: dummy clones/fake clone (100 percent identical sets) detection now takes chds into account
  • misc: show prompt for fixing wrong sysdefpath issues
  • misc: ignoring chds in matchgame function for some speedup here and there
  • misc: updated rar dll
  • fixed: crash when using setinformation->show enabled
  • fixed: create rompaths for sysdefpaths can rarely create an empty path which will then be 'current path'
  • fixed: wrong sysdefpath issue output was sometimes missing when chds and roms didn't share the same path
  • fixed: sysdefpath auto-rompath creation didn't ask for standard/mechanical/devices

What's New in version 4.06:

  • misc: reset profile to not scanned in case scan was skipped
  • misc: changed the error message for .7z files which aren't 7z archives
  • misc: made the three settings/compressor/general options list archive files with comments, +rsh, double names global options. You need to reset them if you used them before
  • misc: download failure messages are shown in the warnings window instead of a prompt
  • misc: show file and rom names in progress dialog for rom uneeded check/rom if set is not compressed
  • misc: general speed up for fix-missing decompressed files
  • added: CMPro_TempFolder and CMPro_TempFolder_Clean settings to cmpro.ini to let you select the cmpro folder and optionally clean it on startup. Default value is the cmpro temp folder and data gets initially removed. You need to start/quit cmpro once to see this setting
  • added: logging warnings window entries to cmpro.log (cleared on startup)
  • added: set information boxes to include devices and/or bios automatically
  • fixed: chdman verify check fails for rompaths with spaces
  • fixed: newly created exe profiles can falsely takeover system default settings from loaded profile
  • fixed: chdversion check for merged sets can hide the result
  • fixed: xml parser failure when hitting an ending and starting xml comment in one line
  • fixed: falsely show full set as missing in case of removing unneeded files from decompressed sets

What's New in version 4.05:

  • added: profiler options option to prompt for software lists import during MAME/MESS import
  • added: chdman settings option to optionally show version mismatches during scan
  • misc: auto expand not fixed items in tree control
  • misc: improved scanner matching for identical named sets / softwarelists (with BIOS roms)
  • misc: updated to latest ziparchive lib
  • misc: updated to latest unrar lib
  • misc: scanner adv option to remove not renamed sets to backup now also applies to roms
  • misc: removed border from tree scan output (minor cosmetics)
  • fixed: warning about missing sysdefpaths rarely shows only '...' instead of list
  • fixed: batch rebuilding doesn't care about forcepacking attributes in dats