ComBOTS 1.0      

Size:  2.96MB

License:   FREE

Publisher:  Publisher | Listed Programs

Release Date:   2007-04-23

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OS:  Windows XP SP2/Vista

Downloads:   3998

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Software Product Description

ComBOTS – The Next Generation Communication Tool. Extremely powerful, incredibly easy to use and a lot of fun. Upon receiving the invitation, each of your friends gets access to ComBOTS for free!

More than E-mail, more than Instant Messaging. File Transfer Deluxe and the best from Hollywood. Always & everywhere, and soon even on your mobile phone.


  • Virtually unlimited attachments and immediate delivery feedback
  • Send files & media up to 1 GB per file or folders containing up to 500 files per Drag & Drop
  • Chat using rich media messages (incl. files, folders, voice, pictures, sounds and videos)
  • One click free calls and voice messages (even to offline friends)
  • Gather your friends and turn them into your favourite Characters on your desktop.
  • Free starter set and free bonus packs of animated 3D Characters & Emotions
  • Messages & data in sync on multiple PCs
  • Soon: Support of regular mobile phones (Java-enabled)

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"ComBOTS 1.0"

Reviewer: -Klasic Kumputerz

Review Date: 2008-01-04

Pros: None

Cons: None

Other Thoughts: This is a great program! But it is seriously lacking a help file! There is none. The set up is very strange. The 2.5 MB file that you download is not the program at all it is a downloader to get the main program. Once you install this you will be forwarded to the web site where you create an account. You will then be emailed a link to get the downloader started which is a total of 143 MB. It took me the better part of an hour to download even with my 30MB DSL. Once this is done you can start the program which is a little slow and then you can configure it. Which isn't allot until you download some of the characters which some are free. You will be emailed another link to download the free ones. Make sure you have the latest “Flash” installed as of 4/12/07. The default download location is “My Documents” which I changed to “C Program Files”. I would highly suggest this. It will take some tinkering to learn since there's no help file to get you started. As time goes on I'm sure they will fix this or ad a message board or something.

Update: As of 1/1/08 Combots is longer available or working!


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