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Release Date:   2019-03-20

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Reviewed on March 20, 2019

It takes a lot of time for a waiter or waitress to write down the orders of customers especially when there are a lot of orders. Writing them down can also result in errors which can affect the overall customer satisfaction.

Comanda Menu Restaurant or CMR is a software that allows you to create, save, and print the menu easily. The waiter/waitress will just create the menu and give out the printed copy to the customer for the customer to fill out.

Features and Functions

The printed CMR contains the following:

  • a list of the various dishes served by the restaurant
  • date today
  • The table number of the customer

You need an A4 sheet in order to print the menu. What's good about this software is that it allows you to print the menu for lunch on one side and the menu for dinner on the other side.

This software has an app that you can install on any Windows 10 device and you can sign in using your Microsoft account.


The CMR software is very useful especially for restaurants who want to save a lot of time in writing down orders from the customers. It definitely improves customer satisfaction and it also decreases the possibility of having errors in orders. It benefits the restaurant owner, the waiters and waitresses, and the customers.

Software Product Description

Software for restaurants (especially hotel restaurants) to print menus for customers.