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Reviewed on April 06, 2017

Combat Arms is a 3-D tactical first person shooter from Nexon. If you're familiar with the company, you might be a bit confused - the Korean publisher is better known for its grind-fest roleplaying games than shooters, but Combat Arms definitely has something of a pedigree. It's one of the earliest of the lobby-based tactical shooters on the market, sharing a fairly hallowed space with games like Counter-Strike. Despite its age, it's still a fairly successful game - but it's up to the individual player to figure out if it is a veteran worthy of respect or a game that has long-since overstayed its welcome.

There's not an awful lot that separates Combat Arms from the legion of lobby-based shooters that went on the market just before the advent of the 2010s. You'll start off in a lobby and eventually placed in a game. Combat Arms has a fairly wide selection of maps, but you're generally going to end up in either the classic Fire Team (team-based), Hunted (free for all) or Zombie (self-explanatory) modes. The gun-play is fairly tactical and you'll find yourself completing objectives and winning in-game currency to rent better weapons in no time. Most of the play is fairly dated, but it's easy as reliable as it ever was.

This first-person shooter sells itself on gun variety, and it's definitely there. You'll get access to over two hundred and fifty weapons, assuming you can grind out the cash (or find the real money) to afford them. The guns range from little pea-shooters to really amazing hardware, and you'll get to try out most of them on rotation if you play enough. There's basically no balance in the armory, but that's par for the course of these games - the developer wants you to part with your real-world money so that you can get the pay-to-win items.

As you might expect, this game is one that can burn a hole in your wallet. Long-time players have spent quite a bit on weapons over time and it's very hard to stay competitive if you want to play for free. This isn't much of a problem if you're just looking for a few fun rounds, but it can be a major drag if you're the kind of person who wants skill to trump everything else. If you don't expect to earn everything fairly, you can probably get a good deal of mileage out of the game.

So, where does Combat Arms stand on the first-person shooter roster? It's no CS: GO, but it still stands up with popular games like the original Counter-Strike. If you are okay with microtransactions and you don't mind a community that's been playing for almost a decade, you'll find a lot to love in this game. It may not hold a candle to most of the AAA shooters out there, but it's a good snapshot of a type of gaming that was very popular in the not-too-distant past. Give this game a try, if only for the sake of nostalgia.

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Free-to-Play multiplayer first person shooter.