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Release Date:   2018-11-04

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Software Product Description

Malware and spyware are responsible for many problems people experience on their computers. ComboFix is a special tool that scans for known malware/spyware and then tries to automatically remove them. It also provides a report that advanced users and computer technicians can use to clean the malware the program does not remove automatically.

Once you have downloaded ComboFix, you must take some preventive measures to avoid conflicts with other programs. You need to close all open windows, and once you launch the program, you should not click anywhere within its user interface lest it stalls. Indeed, it is not advisable that you touch or use your computer during the scanning process.

Please note that Windows may give you a security warning since the program has no digital signature.

The program scans for malware and then automatically creates a restore point. It then backs up the Windows registry before detecting whether Windows Recovery Console is installed. If the console is not yet installed, the program will guide you through its installation process. If you are connected to the Internet, the program will terminate the connection, but it will restore it after completing the process.

ComboFix may also change the clock format during the scanning process, but it restores the original format upon completion. The scanning and log preparation stages may take some time. Once the report is ready, post it to the helper who asked for it.

Please note that ComboFix is a powerful tool that you should only use when a helper asks you to do so. Do not act on the information it provides if you are not an expert, and if you must do something, then let a trained helper guide you.


"One of the best"

Reviewer: -UrbEx

Review Date: 2016-06-04

Pros: Does a great job removing many variants of malware & rogue root kits.

Cons: Only works on Windows 7 & 8. Does not work for Windows 8.1 or 10.

Other Thoughts: Hopefully the author will update the program so it will work with Windows 8.1 & Windows 10.


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