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Every computer should have some type of antivirus program, but many people are wary about using free antivirus software because they are worried that it won't be as good as paid software. While this is definitely true in some instances, there are also many free programs that are incredibly good at keeping you safe. Comodo Cloud Antivirus is one of the simpler and better free programs in this niche that is very aggressive when it comes to using a sandbox and keeping you safe from viruses and malware.

Using Comodo Cloud Antivirus

The first thing to note about Comodo Cloud Antivirus is how simple the interface is. Unlike many other antivirus programs that give you tools and buttons that might be helpful, if you only knew what they did, this program only has a short list of tools. The main tool is the scanner. You can do a quick scan, full scan or scan certain files or folders for malicious files. Regularly scanning your computer for virtual threats is always a good idea because malware can easily sneak up on you and destroy your computer.

Another thing that both novice and experienced users will love is that the interface is color coded based on threat level. If everything is fine, then the interface and scanned files will be green. Red means that the computer is potentially at risk because malware, or a file similar to malware, has been found. Blue is also referred to as 'Game Mode' and it means that Comodo is actively scanning your computer and looking for viruses, but all notices and alerts are suppressed. This allows the program to run in the background so that you can focus on your tasks.

When it comes to finding and erasing viruses, Comodo is actually quite good and stands near the top of the list. You would think that this is its main strength, but it isn't. The best thing about this program is how aggressive it is about putting new programs in a virtual sandbox. For those of you who don't know, a sandbox is like a small area of your computer where programs can run without infecting your actual files. This allows the antivirus program to see if the software will try to take over your computer or harm important files.

Every new program is placed in the sandbox and thoroughly tested to see if it's truly safe. This might be annoying at first, but it keeps you safe while also educating you about where to download new programs. Viewing the sandbox is easy, and this free antivirus software will tell you if there are any potential threats before you actually install the new software.


If you're looking for a free antivirus program with a good number of features and a powerful sandbox tool, then Comodo Cloud Antivirus is one of the best programs you'll find. While it doesn't quite pack the punch of some paid programs, it's great if you just need something small and simple.

Software Product Description

Free real-time antivirus scanner.


"Great Protection with Less ─░mpact"

Reviewer: -Lugo

Review Date: 2016-09-27

Pros: + Blocks all unknows to protect the system + Fast scanning of malwares + Valkyrie and Virucope analyzes on unknown samples to prevent possible infections + File Rating Scanning + Root CA Scanning against malicious root certificates + Browser brotection against PUP hompage changes and toolbars.

Cons: Actuall I see no negative point on this software. Recommend veryone

Other Thoughts: Have fun with %100 prevention, it means %100 protection of your PC for FREE.
You cannot let an unknown person come into your house. Then do not run unknowns on your PC.
Be smart on digital life.


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