What's New in version

  • Added ability to remove vendors rated by Comodo from Vendor List
  • Fixed: The issue where system becomes unresponsive with specific viruscope settings
  • Fixed: The issue where non PE files cannot be submitted by 'Submit Files'
  • Fixed: The issue where user rating was not applied in 'Vendor List' for vendor with name starts with space

What's New in version


  • New Home Page and Quick Search mechanism
  • New file group 'Media Players' in Auto-Sandbox rules


  • Network is not available after update from Windows 7 to Windows 10 with CIS/CAV/CFW installed
  • Windows Firewall is not enabled after CIS uninstallation if PC is upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10
  • Website Filtering does not block web sites in Google Chrome 49
  • Antivirus engine libraries does not have ASLR enabled
  • PackMan unpacker insufficient parameter validation
  • LZMA Decoder Performs Insufficient Parameter Checks, Resulting in Heap Overflow
  • Integer Overflow Leading to Heap Overflow Parsing Composite Documents
  • Integer Overflow leading to Heap Overflow in MSVB API
  • Emulator can be bypassed to leak data and/or modify certain system settings by initiating a scan on a specially crafted PE file
  • Heap Overflow in LZX Decompression
  • Buffer Overflow handling PSUBUSB (Packed Subtract Unsigned with Saturation)
  • ACLs on Comodo's folder in 'ProgramData' allow unauthorized users write access
  • Chromodo_setup.exe can be injected DLLs from users' folder if cmdshim32.dll is missing from the installation of CIS/CAV/CFW
  • DLL load ordering error allows CIS/CAV/CFW installers to load implanted DLLs from installer and application data folders

What's New in version


  • Installation-end Welcome Page - After CIS installations you will be directed to a landing page where you will find the details of the product and the benefits of the features.


  • Live Support - In case you need you will be able to open Geekbuddy chat window directly on malware found notification window.


We have addressed many issues reported by our users in this release. Here are a selected few:

  • CIS Firewall doesn't recognize safe applications with short-format path (e.g. \progra~1\)
  • Diagnostics failed after update windows from Win 8.1 to Win 10
  • Chromodo UAC and update offer appear during CIS installation
  • Malicious and unrecognized file does not run in Sandbox from VTRoot folder
  • Sandbox does not block malicious launched from 'Quarantine'
  • CIS/CES COM components keys should be removed from registry after installation
  • Incorrect displaying name in 'FW Application Rules' after removing application via 'IOBit Uninstaller'
  • ASE is freezes after launch 'Purge' with empty rule

What's New in version 5.0.162636:

  • THANKS! Comodo thanks its beta testers whose feedback made this release possible
  • NEW! Spyware Scanner detects and cleans malware infections in PC registry and disks
  • NEW! Cloud based Antivirus detects malicious file even if virus defintions not up-to-date
  • NEW! Cloud based Behavior Analysis system can detect zero-day malware INSTANTLY
  • NEW! Cloud based Whitelisting of trusted publisher easily identifies a safe file and vendor
  • NEW! Game Mode to suppress alerts, updates and scans from interfering with gaming
  • NEW! Heuristic detection identifies real file behind requests of 'interpreter' applications
  • NEW! Application Control for users to restrict execution to known good applications only
  • IMPROVED! Windows Compatibility from new Sandbox default application isolation level
  • IMPROVED! Application Compatibility with easily identified safe files and trusted vendors
  • IMPROVED! User Interface with new status allows instant user action to reported events

What's New in version 4.1.150349.920:

  • Bugfix: Windows start menu can not be clicked if Defense+ is enabled
  • Bugfix: Antivirus identifies some files as Corrupted

What's New in version 4.1.149672.916:

  • NEW! Sandbox button in elevated privilege alerts: Privilege elevation alerts now include a sandbox button to run installers in limited mode.
  • IMPROVED! Default security policy is modified so that outbound firewall connection alerts are shown for the unknown applications
  • IMPROVED! Online Lookup: Defense+ now checks the applications online in real-time before automatically sandboxing them
  • FIXED! The vulnerabilities related to certain hooks reported by
  • FIXED! Incompatibility problems with many applications(e.g. HD Speed, Autocad etc)
  • FIXED! Already submitted files can be submitted again under certain conditions
  • FIXED! Defense+ does not show protected registry key modification alerts for sandbox applications in Windows XP 64
  • FIXED! Windows System Restoration fails because of file sfi.dat
  • FIXED! Cfp.exe freezes while showing real-time virus detection dialog
  • FIXED! Antivirus crashes while scanning certain files

What's New in version 4.0.141842.828:

  • NEW! Standalone installers in addition to the web based installer
  • FIXED! ARP spoofing protection does not protect against certain attacks
  • FIXED! Automatically sandboxed applications can modify existing protected files under certain conditions
  • FIXED! Proxy authentication in updater settings does not work
  • IMPROVED! CIS is now available in 16 languages

What's New in version 4.0.138377.779:

  • FIXED! Defense+ registry protection misses some keys in Classes root hive
  • FIXED! Cfp.exe crashes while showing realtime virus detection alerts under certain conditions
  • FIXED! Cfp.exe sometimes shows wrong sandboxed process notifications
  • FIXED! Sandboxed IE8 can not save bookmarks
  • FIXED! Some virtualized programs do not read/write registry keys properly
  • FIXED! Some sandboxed applications do not disappear in active process list
  • FIXED! CIS4 does not handle RDP session switching properly
  • FIXED! Firewall rules can not be deleted under certain conditions