What's New in version 19.0:

  • Added the ability to test POP3 logins.
  • Added support for TLS 1.3
  • FTP testing: added the ability to use an encrypted SSL/TLS connection.
  • FTP testing: added the ability to check for the existence of a folder. Use the same syntax as for testing a file, but append a trailing slash.
  • Added the 'Reset Settings' tool to the File menu.
  • Previously a 'smtp:' URL in the Sites List would try SSL/TLS but considered it optional. Now it will only be tried if the URL begins with 'smtps:'.
  • Most windows now calculate their width as a factor of the interface font size. Previously they were a factor of the screen size. This ensures that windows are the optimal size, even when the font is very small or very large relative to the screen.
  • The Popup table now supports mouse tilt wheel.
  • Numerous minor interface improvements.
  • Fixed: Import Settings: this was not enabling/disabling controls as appropriate.
  • Fixed: no error was occurring if a test on the Sites tab was not a recognized type.
  • Fixed: unminimizing on a secondary monitor was moving the window to the primary monitor.
  • Fixed: Help: Print: some hyperlinks were not followed by the page number.
  • Fixed a minor memory leak.
  • Fixed: the 'No Caption' option was not always working correctly.

What's New in version 16.0:

  • Popup Killer: added the ability to control the interval at which Connection Keeper looks for popup windows. Previously it was hard coded at 2.5 seconds.
  • Popup Killer: added the ability to forcefully terminate a process.
  • Email Errors To: added a button that takes you to where the relaying SMTP server is configured.
  • SNMP stats: each networking adapter is now listed, along with some information.
  • Backlink checking: the backlink is now considered invalid if it contains a 'rel=nofollow' attribute.
  • Settings are now automatically saved after 30 minutes of idle time. This helps prevent their loss in the event of a power failure.
  • The animated query indicator is now more colorful.
  • Added 32 tools to the System Tools tool.
  • Fixed: rarely, balloon help was not appearing promptly, or not at all.
  • Fixed: executables were signed with a revoked SHA1 cert. Because the SHA256 cert is valid, this would only be reported to the user on systems prior to Win7.

What's New in version 15.0:

  • Added the ability to monitor the hyperlinks on a webpage. This is useful for informing you when a website removes its link to your website
  • Improved the appearance of icons. Changed from 8-bit GIF's to higher resolution 32-bit PNG's. Many icons have been redesigned
  • Added the 'Report External IP' tool
  • There is now an animated indicator in the center of the window while a query is being executed
  • Numerous minor interface improvements
  • The 'Unminimize On Error' option has moved from the Options menu to a checkbox control on the Settings tab
  • The installer/uninstaller will now close Connection Keeper automatically to prevent a reboot unless 'No Caption' is checked
  • Fixed: a DLL injection security vulnerability
  • Fixed: some pairs of characters, in certain fonts, were displayed too close together
  • Fixed: a rare but serious problem could cause a window to render incorrectly

What's New in version 14.1:

  • Fixed: popup killer: crash if the Window Caption column is blank.

What's New in version 14.0:

  • Added the ability to export and import all of Connection Keeper's settings. This is useful for transferring the configuration to a different computer, or creating a backup.
  • Added the 'Limit Reconnection Attempts' option to the Status tab.
  • Added the 'Retry' button to the 'Query Failed' error window.
  • Added the 'Unminimize On Error' option to the Options menu.
  • Added the 'Record Connection Events' option to the Options menu. If checked, when the connection is lost or restored, Connection Keeper will record an event in the Windows Event Log.
  • Added the 'No Caption' option to the Options menu. This determines if the title 'Connection Keeper' is displayed in the window caption.
  • Choosing 'Disconnect' from the File menu will no longer uncheck the 'Auto-Reconnect' box. Instead, the Auto-Reconnect feature will simply be ignored until the user chooses 'Connect' from the File menu.
  • Redesigned the Default skin. The old skin was renamed 'Air'.
  • Added a first-time greeting window.
  • When enabling 'Launch At Startup', if there is an error, it will now be reported.
  • Fixed: the caption/taskbar icon was not always changing during queries and errors.
  • Fixed: the 'Limit Keep-Alive Duration' feature was stopping queries about 25 percent too soon.

What's New in version 13.1:

  • Added an 'Import From CSV File' tool to the Popup Killer table.
  • The 'Log Errors To File' field now supports Environment Variables.
  • Fixed: rare crash when opening a sub-menu.

What's New in version 13.0:

  • The Popup Killer now supports substring searching of the Window Caption. Simply put an asterisk (*) at the beginning of the Window Caption column.
  • Added the ability to query NS records.
  • Minor interface improvements.
  • Added the 'Reset DNS Cache' tool.
  • When running the 'Query All' tool, and an error occurs, the error window now has a 'Continue' button that will allow you to resume the operation.
  • Added the 'Help' button to the bottom of the window.
  • When querying a DNS record, CK now instructs the operating system to not used cached records.
  • The '/qa' switch now takes care to prevent a second instance from spawning.
  • The rows of the Popup Killer table can now be rearranged.
  • Added the 'System Tools' launcher to the Interface menu.
  • The Status Banner is now drawn with a color gradient instead of a solid color.
  • When an error occurs, the icon is now drawn with a red bar.
  • Connection Keeper now obeys the 'Run' shortcut property, which can instruct the window to be initially minimized or maximized.
  • Connection Keeper should now be able to tolerate crashes in the operating system's SNMP API.
  • Added the '/max' command line switch, which will cause the window to be initially maximized.
  • Fixed: the window caption icon was not always drawing the solid bar while issuing a query.
  • Fixed: the 'Send Keystrokes' popup killer method was not always working on windows that have a parent.
  • Fixed: upon the first execution, the Query Mode field would have no drop-down list.

What's New in version 12.1:

  • Fixed a rare stack overflow (since 12.0).

What's New in version 12.0:

  • Major interface improvements. Improved all skins.
  • Added the 'Status Banner' which displays whether or not Connection Keeper is keeping the connection alive, or if the connection is lost. Added the 'Show Status Banner' option to the Options menu.
  • Added the ability to test DNS records from the command line.
  • All settings are now kept in a file instead of the registry, which is more reliable due to security issues.
  • When Internet access is restored, all DNS caches are now reset.
  • The 'Email Errors To' feature now obeys the System-G SMTP settings (Interface menu > Configuration Editor > Settings > Networking > SMTP). If these are blank, Direct Delivery is used just as before.
  • The 'Email Errors To' feature now includes an 'Auto-Submitted:' header in order to suppress auto-responses.

What's New in version 11.3:

  • Numerous interface improvements.
  • The 'Email Errors To' field now supports multiple email addresses. Separate them with a comma or semi-colon.
  • When a query error occurs, the popup window is now displayed after the error is logged and emailed.
  • When the Internet connection is lost, a DNS resolution error was remaining cached for 1 hour, making it necessary to close and restart Connection Keeper. This cache lifetime has been reduced to 1 minute.

What's New in version 11.2:

  • Added the '/close' command line switch. When specified along with the '/qa' switch, Connection Keeper will terminate immediately after the Query All tool is finished.
  • Fixed: if the computer runs more than 24 days without rebooting, Connection Keeper would begin issuing a query every 2.5 seconds.
  • Fixed: the tray context menu was not responding to keystrokes, and not disappearing when the user clicks away (since 11.0).
  • Fixed: when 'Animate Tray Icon' is unchecked, the tray icon was showing a solid bar even after the query finishes.

What's New in version 11.1:

  • Fixed: on the first run, the window position was not being initialized properly.

What's New in version 11.0:

  • Major interface improvements, too many to list. Added support for Aero Glass (Vista/2008/7). Improved appearance, layout, margins, skins.
  • The tabs have been replaced with a row of buttons.
  • Added a high resolution shell icon for Vista/2008/7.
  • Added the /qa command line switch, which causes the 'Query All' tool to run immediately.
  • Added the 'View Error Log' option to the File menu.
  • Added a hotkey for the 'Query All' tool: F7.
  • The Method column now defaults to 'WM_CLOSE'.
  • Care is now taken to not issue queries while the user is editing the Sites List.
  • When the Query Now button is clicked, a query will be issued even if the operating system is reporting that there is no Internet connection.
  • Fixed: the 'Auto-Minimize On Startup' option was always minimizing Connection Keeper to the tray, contrary to the documentation. It will now only minimize to the tray if the 'Minimize to Tray' box (on the Window menu) is checked, as documented. Also, it will now minimize silently, and without briefly appearing on the screen.
  • Fixed: the /wmclose and /wmquit command line switches were not working properly.

What's New in version 10.0:

  • Added the 'Query All' tool to the File menu.
  • Added support for verifying the contents of a DNS record. In the Sites List, follow the URL with a tab, then the correct value of the DNS record.
  • Added support for querying a DNS blacklist. The Sites List can contain a URL with the 'dnsbl://' prefix followed by a domain name or IP address.
  • Added additional command-line switches for closing windows. The /wmclose switch will close the window by sending a WM_CLOSE message. The /wmquit switch will close the window by sending a WM_QUIT message. The /keys switch will send keystrokes to the window.
  • Added the 'Popup' menu.
  • Added the 'Favorites' tab to the help file.
  • When a command line is specified, other instances of Connection Keeper will no longer close.
  • The Default skin now conforms with the appearance of Windows 7. The original default skin has been renamed 'Experience'.
  • Numerous improvements to the 'Check For Update' tool.
  • The Send Feedback and Report Exception features now use HTTP to deliver the information to Gammadyne. The old SMTP method is only used as a fallback if HTTP fails. This is necessary because some ISP's only allow SMTP to their own mail servers.
  • Fixed some minor incompatibility issues with Vista/2008/7.

What's New in version 9.1:

  • Added the F5 hotkey for issuing a query.
  • Added the F6 hotkey for killing popup windows.
  • Fixed: the installer was not requiring administrator elevation on Vista/2008/7 (since 9.0).

What's New in version 9.0:

  • Added the ability to query DNS records.
  • Added the "/min" switch, which will cause the main window to be minimized.
  • Added the ability to "comment out" a line in the Sites list by placing a semi-colon at the beginning of the line.
  • Most icons have been replaced or improved.
  • The "Log Errors To File" feature now maintains the log in CSV format. It will also include the error code and error message.
  • If an error occurs when querying a URL, the query interval will start over after the error window is closed.
  • A query error will now format the current date/time using the computer's locale settings.
  • Improved the installer's appearance.
  • Fixed: while minimized to the tray, choosing "Keep Connection Alive" from the context menu was causing the tray icon to revert to a taskbar button.