Connectme - (Hotspot) 1.0      

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Release Date:   2014-05-19

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OS:  Windows 7/2008 R2/8

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Software Product Description

Perhaps you only know how to use your smart phone as a hotspot, but do you know you can also use your computer to share your Internet connection wirelessly? Connectme turns you PC into a hotspot that can share an Internet connection with any WiFi device. You can use it to share any type of Internet connection you are using, even if it is cellular or dial-up.

The connection is protected by WPA2, which is currently the most secure type of wireless encryption. This feature is built into the latest Windows operating systems, and you cannot turn it off. You can create any network name and password so long as the password contains at least eight characters.

The internet connection status is viewable on the lower part of the application window and you can also view connection statistics and save settings once you have connected. Easy to use and free, you can now access and share the internet wherever you are.