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Computer operating systems have built-in copy features that you can use for basic copy functions. However, there comes a time when you would like to do more than the tools allow you, which is where CopyMastro will come to your rescue. The lightweight and portable application allows you to configure many options when you want to copy files faster, smartly and securely.

Using CopyMastro

We downloaded the ZIP archive, extracted CopyMastro and started using it without the need for installation. The user interface had six tabs on the upper part for accessing different application areas on the same window.

The "Copy" tab had slots for selecting source and destination folders. It also had three categories that we could configure, each of which had three options. We could copy hidden files, links or in a recursive manner under "Copy Options". Under "Overwrite Options," we could choose to overwrite only older existing files, all existing files or prevent the application from overwriting any file. In the "Filters" category, we had the option to copy file filters, skip the filters or skip errors.

Once we had made the necessary configurations, we clicked the "Copy" button to start the process. The application allowed us to copy files faster, thanks to its multi-thread function. We could choose the number of threads to use under "Preferences". It showed us the ideal number of threads to use on our system.

We could pause copying and resume the process later. During the copying process, we could readily see the number and size of copied files, the remaining ones, those that have been skipped and any errors. We also viewed the copying speed and the name and size of the file currently being copied.

We specified the number of times that we wanted the software to attempt copying a file when it encountered a file read error. We could also choose whether we wanted the application to skip integrity check on files that exceeded a specified size.

CopyMastro supported the use of external copy programs like Robocopy and Rsync. We selected the option under "Preferences" and specified the path of the external program that we wanted to use.

The other tabs on the main application window allowed us to view errors, skipped and copied files, report and log.


CopyMastro provides an intuitive way of copying many files quickly, including hidden ones. You can copy files, folders and sub-folders when the recursive copy option is selected, which is the default mode. The portable application is compatible with both Windows and MacOSX. (MacOSX download here.)

Software Product Description

Open source copy and backup utility.