What's New in version 3.44:

  • Update of the CPU Frequency Query Tool language files
  • New languages: Filipino, Malay and Indonesian

What's New in version 3.01:

  • Improvement in CPU Frequency Query Tool
  • New language: Portuguese-Brazilian, Thai

What's New in version 2.77:

  • Improvement in detect of: AMD and some Intel CPUs
  • New language for CPU frequency query tool: Swedish, Danish, Norwegian

What's New in version 2.61:

  • New language for CPU frequency query tool: Hungarian
  • Tests on Microsoft Windows Server 2019

What's New in version 2.55:

  • General improvements in CPU detection
  • New Language:Chinese-Simplifiedv

What's New in version 2.51:

  • General improvements and update of the language files in the cpu frequency tool
  • Small fixes and retests for Windows 10 Build 2004 / April 2020

What's New in version 2.44:

  • Small corrections in the Cpu frequency query
  • Important updating of the language files

What's New in version 2.33:

  • Update the language files and make small adjustments and improvements

What's New in version 2.31:

  • Improvement in the accurate detection of the CPU frequency
  • Adjustments for the next Windows 10 build

What's New in version 2.28:

  • Improvement due to: AMD Threadripper 2950X
  • New languages in Blank-And-Secure: Japanese
  • Thanks to Sh?gun for the Japanese language.

What's New in version 2.25:

  • New code signing certificate in cpu frequency
  • Update of the language files

What's New in version 2.21:

  • Bug: Code Signing Certificate
  • Update the language files in CpuFrequenz
  • Small adjustments and improvements for Windows 10
  • CpuFrequency new language: Polish
  • Thanks to Cwenar R. for the Polish language

What's New in version 2.11:

  • Better recognition of some CPUs and the manufacturer as well as series especially with Intel processors
  • Small improvements in cpu frequency as well as updating the language files

What's New in version 2.05:

  • Important updates of the language files in CpuFrequency and new language: Italian
  • Small corrections in CpuFrequency as well as improvements
  • Thanks to bovirus for the Italian language

What's New in version 2.04:

  • New: On Multiple User Request: Visually impaired, friendly zoom feature
  • Small adjustments, update the language files, plus new language: Spanish.

What's New in version 2.02:

  • General improvements and design coordination
  • New language in CpuFrequency: Korean, French,Chinese Traditional,Russian

What's New in version 2.01:

  • Complete revision The name remains CpuFrequency and is not converted to Cpu Frequency OK.
  • Multi-language support and translation function
  • Real-time CPU load and frequency query