What's New in version 1.11.0:

New features:

  • 1:1 aspect ratio while resizing main form (Shift+LMB)
  • Predefined thumbnail sizes (max thumbnail value)
  • Cycle resizing thumbnail (Ctrl+Tab)
  • Toggle to save or not the 'Full sized image'

Other changes:

  • Support high DPI (Cropping should be correct when running on a high DPI monitor. The main crop form should scale correctly on high DPI monitors and resize correctly when moving to monitors with a different DPI)

What's New in version 1.9.4:

  • FIXED: Cropper calling csc on close stopping shutdown on XP & Crash on Close & Cropper calling csc on shutdown on Windows 7
  • FIXED: Cannot assign keys
  • FIXED: Windows 2000 crash when not admin (hiding the form)
  • FIXED: Design time error when viewing the Forms
  • FIXED: Opacity range in Options dialog differs from context menu
  • FIXED: Cropper doesn't store output selection