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Reviewed on January 27, 2017

CryptoSearch is a special application that is designed to find encrypted files on a computer or network. The software is compatible with different file types, including Word, Acrobat, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, Access, PGP, ZIP and RAR. It finds encrypted files irrespective of format or name.

Using CryptoSearch

We downloaded the lightweight application in a ZIP archive and extracted it to a folder where we launched it without the need for installation. The user interface featured two tabs on the upper part to respectively search for one path and multiple paths. By default, it opened the tab for searching one path and provided the path to our Documents folder. We could browse and select any other path that we wanted.

The compatible file types were listed with the check boxes next to them already marked. We could deselect the file types that we did not want CryptoSearch to scan. Once all options were the way we wanted, we clicked the "Search" button. The status bar on the lower part of the application window dynamically displayed the number of files searched while the encrypted files found were listed above the bar.

The application crashed the first two times that we tried using it. When we tried scanning a folder with relatively few files, it worked without crashing and gave a beep when the search was over. The details displayed included file names, comments, sizes, paths, file types as well as date and time.

The file name column was marked "Click to decrypt", and the cursor turned into the shape of a hand when placed over a file name. Clicking it launched Internet Explorer and opened Adobe Acrobat password recovery page.


CryptoSearch is a handy application that helps users to quickly search for and find encrypted files. You can search for different file types on multiple locations simultaneously. However, the application tends to crash when it scans many files.

Software Product Description

Searches your computer or network for encrypted or password protected files.