Cybergenic Shade 1.4      

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Release Date:   2015-12-05

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When children play in a field, the small area where they are playing may be "cordoned off" by mounds of sand. This ensures that any "mess" they create does not interfere with other parts of the field. A similar thing is applied in the computer world; hence the term sandboxing. Basically, this is whereby you run applications in a protected environment where a potential malware cannot affect other parts of the system. While some people primarily associate the environment with running untested code, you can actually use it even in your daily computer use.

Cybergenic Shade allows you to easily create a sandox from where you run selected programs. The free anti-malware tool provides powerful protection againt cyber attacks, which are painfully common nowadays.

Cybergenic Shade Features

  • Provides solid protection against unknown threats
  • Works seamlessly with all antivirus programs
  • Protects against unwanted installations
  • Allows users to safely open suspicious websites
  • Traps all threats inside a sandbox
  • No signature updates

Using Cybergenic Shade

We did not need any technical skill to use Cybergenic Shade. It featured a simple and intuitive user interface that allowed us to easily add the programs we wanted to protect. Most of the interface was taken by the initially empty space where we had to drop the applications we wanted to run in sandbox.

Since we often use web browsers to access the Internet where threats usually come from, we decided to add all their shortcuts first. We then added vulnerable programs like those requiring flash.

Whenever we lauched the applications on the sandbox, they ran in a virtual environment that separated them from other parts of the computer. Although the program created an environment that was isolated from other parts of the system, we still launched the sandboxed applications in the normal way.

When we created, edited or saved files with the applications in the sandbox, the software stored them in virtual folders to prevent any threat from getting out of the sandbox.

The program featured three buttons on the lower part of the display for removing an application from sandbox, cleaning up shade and opening shade folder respectively. Otherwise, the user interface was almost bare.


Cybergenic Shade is a free anti-malware program that removed any concern we had about opening dangerous applications, websites and other resources. We simply dragged and dropped the shortcuts of programs to run them within a sandbox that secluded them from the rest of the computer. In case we encountered any danger, it effectively remained contained within the sandbox. The program is user-friendly and requires low system resources.

Note: Require free registration and activation.

Software Product Description

As a sandboxing solution, Shade doesn't let malware to reach a real Operating System of your computer.


"Needs to be updated"

Reviewer: -Nick

Review Date: 2017-02-03

Pros: It's a good start and it's easy to install.

Cons: It's not as flexible as the competition.

Other Thoughts: The software needs to be updated to fix bugs and add improvements.


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