DM Secretary 5.1.191      

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Release Date:   2010-01-14

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Software Product Description

DM Secretary is a program that enables the Dungeon Master of a Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 game to run her or his game from a computer.

You could also prepare a campaign with DM Secretary, print the results, and use them in more traditional pencil-and-paper tabletop setting.

However you use it, we hope this collection of tools and information will make running your Dungeons and Dragons campaign an easier job!

Note: This program, like everything Occult Entertainment produces, is FREEWARE. No catches, advertisements, registrations, etc. Just download, install, and use!


"No easy customization"

Reviewer: -Disappointed

Review Date: 2016-12-14

Pros: The tip of the day was nice. The 1000 random magical effects is also handy. Not worth the hassle of installing the rest of the program, though.

Cons: Editing a calendar requires the first month to be in winter or it won't save, so good luck if your homebrew setting has its first month in the spring. Changing the campaign year to suit your campaign setting for in-game timekeeping requires hundreds of edits in five-year increments because you can't have a campaign longer than five years and you can't edit the starting year and ending year at the same time. Clicking the save icon does literally nothing, so hours of work go to waste if you don't go in and click "save as" and overwrite you previous save. You can't import a map unless it's a .jpg or .bmp, so you have to change your .png files' type in order to view them. The tables can't be edited, so you're stuck using 3rd edition D&D, no matter what edition or game you are actually playing.

Other Thoughts: The previous versions were better in every way. Obviously they fired the only competent programmer they had before they made this version. I wish I hadn't lost the older version when I lost my old computer.


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